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Stockholm catch - one ch rosette is missing there should be 12.  And they even gave one veteran rosette instead of the usual.

Back in business again. After recovering from my terrific flu i finally got my entropium fixed, operated yesterday. All went fine and after 11 days the stitches will be pinched off.
Anyways. Some matings done, my mum came here and my last shows for this year were done. Helsinki went as i figured,  was amazed to get one tittle on Saturday and disapointed to have only one title on Sunday. As if  HeJW-15 and Winner-15 were not titles good enough.
Next weekend after Helsinki - the big Stockholm competition. That was butter on the bread. Pirjo & me got with our griffs EVERYTHING one can possible hope for, even more than needed. Having entered 3 griffons and their rosettes being 12 what can one say. Just thank you and be very humbled which we certainly were.
Brux H Usko Eevertti CAC (SE CH) CACIB (INT CH) BOB Nordic Winner-15. Little H Rita Goes Hollywood CAC Best Bitch-2 and NORDJW-15. As to her farther "Helmut" he was BOB (31. enterings) CAC (SE&NORDIC CH) CACIB NORDW-15. We both were over the moon having so many congrats from so many people. What happened to the Finnish/Swedish jealousy? Gone with the wind i recon.
What would be a better show stopper!
Now there´s only puppies and christmas and next litters to concentrate. Next week we will start xmas preparations, me and my mum. Pups will be moved into dog room and life will be very normal!


24.11. TUESDAY

H Hello Liza Shwarz & Roterr Griff Braiton (left). 

Down with flu. A flu of the century hit me down. Now 3 weeks since i´ve been in my senses. Mornings are the worst.  Not that it makes me coughing and sneezing my throat is sore and nose flows. But the worse may be that it takes away all your strenght and energy making you completely weak and powerless. This disease called earlier "The Stockholm Desease" now turned 5 weeks earlier into "Tarto Desease"  and i have travelled under it all the big shows in 3 coutries, Estonia, Latvia and Finland.  Feeling sick, tired and more tired. As to it my left  lower eyelid is getting worse and have to live with it till late December to get it operated.
Last trip to Jyväskylä nearly killed me. It didn´t help a bit having the most winning gang on my back seat with their trophies and all. Besides Sat. evening from Jyväskylä was the most horrible weather to drive home - ever.  The first 100 kms being so horrible i had to use all my experience during tens of years just to keep the vehicle on the road plus pray. Thanks God i finally managed to get home safe and sound. It´s under consideration if i ever drive to Jyväskylä again on November.
Not only these long trips but many other things have troubled my sick body. Things   which seemed to gathered up all same time - the time i have felt completeally powerless. And still do. Things like 7 bitches beeing mated in our hause - all 2 times or more. Luckily at least one of the boys can do it on the able - don´t need to be on your knees on the floor.
1 eye/knee check done. 1 ultra made. Some vet. visits. Also had to pick up and return my co-own bitch after shows.  Keeping in mind all the daily work in a big kennel as  mine and me being a perfectionist on my nature - it doesn´t help at all. If i just could close my easy and leave some things as they are and go to bed...
Anyways despite of all this things seem to be OK in our house. One bitch whelping soon and Boris loves to be a mmember of Huvikumpu Gang.
I hope to get my engine run till Helsinki Internationals. Now have to take some pills for this flu & some drops into my eye.
Waiting for better times.

03.11. TUESDAY

Younger generation:
(front) H Heros´Remarkable, Roterr Griff Braiton & H Rita Goes Hollywood.

About 2 months for Christmas. Strange. Still some raking have been done on the yards and +8. Frosty mornings but more like wet afternoons.
On show 330 kms from us. We left  5 in the morning. Came home till 4 p.m. and went to pick up the new b/t boy "Boris". Cann´t believe i really bought a dog from Siperia, Novosibirsk. Back home 6 p.m. One can easily say - full day spent for dogs. Seinäjoki International gave BOS + CACIB for H Heros´Remarkable, BOS CAC + CACIB for Huvikumpupilvi she thus became FI CH. Little Rita CAC and 2. bitch.  Her winner tube    now stopped. But hey, no one can be first all the time and we have to keep in mind she is just a "puppy" anyways. Also congrats for Sirpa, we went together she being on the wheel both ways, her griffs did very well. And she even wanted to drive me picking up Boris. Could there been some curiosity envolved? L.O.L.
Boris - had to name him after presidents and we already had Jeltsin, R.I.P. -  settled down very easily.  Knowing his where abouts and where he is from i didn´t expect anything else. Took about 2 minutes and he was home, no one chasing him after and neither did he rush anywhere but act normaly. What a good tempered boy with a good "head", not a basket case. Cann´t wait to use him for my girls. Many males are ready with their sperm at sevenish  - in this case  seven months will be at christmas time.  We´ll see what Santa has to say about this.
The "swedish" bitch whelped 3 puppies, next  2 litters sired by our boys will  be on  January. I wish good luck for them both.  
Here i´m the lucky one - if there will be any they are ready in puppy box  early December in good time before new year´s eve. 
I have entropium, my lower eyelid. That will be operated in the middle of December. Till that i have to persist some how. It´s more painfull after days when i have been looking down a lot. Am afraid what happends during 2 days at Helsinki shows. If you see me watering there - don´t mind.
Huvikummun Hello Mrs. Robinsson had CAC CACIB BOS in italy 31.10.  Congrats for her.
What comes to this new "observer", Boris, he goes everywhere nose down. All seems to be so-oo amazing. Cann´t get any reasonable photos of him. 


18.10. SUNDAY

Nero (left) with mum H Sweetest Dreams, dad H Hero´s  Remarkable
and granny
H Heros´Danke Schön.

Got a phone call on Friday telling it´s birthdays - 1 year -for Huvikumpu Griffons born on 16.10. Minna the owner of H American Gigolo remind me of all this while she was waiting house full of gests as she said. Good for Gigolo. I never realized myself and told her i´ve been busy working or should i say busy washing. 16 griffons in sauna. Washed and dryed with hair dryer. Taking no more than 3 hours. Including all the cleanings and my own shower afterwards. And a painkiller. My back didn´t like that job no matter how high i tried to do all the things. Washing table about ½ meter,  drying on a trimming table. I´m not getting younger. I don´t believe anyone can do this whole  process without painkillers. Am so proud i got this all sorted.  And there´s christmas to come. The gang smells good and they lie down on their clean nests and places. The dirty ones i already washed.  We humans like the feeling of new washed sheets in ped, why not animals. I can see how they enjoy themselves being so fluffy, even old smooth Mafiosso looks great.  It must be wonderfull feeling in the skin and coat.
Keeping  big Gang and all their sleeping places clean is something the owner of couple of dogs cannot even emagine. It´s full time job 7-24. You wash every second day something for them.
But the point being, had to congratulate my Rita, she now is 12 months old and earned a whole  birthday sousage! With ours i pay more atention for those veterans living already in their afternoons. Sorry Rita not remembering you!
A week ago washed all our yards, those with bricks, yesterday cleaned all my closets and got a big heap of clothes not needed anymore. Windows washed outside by House Master, inside job still waits for me. Which i hate. It´s like "i rather wash 16 griffs than windows". And bearing in mind there´s been many days of cleaning and gathering  the rests of summer plants and pots i can easily say: we are living here kind of "the end of the world" time. Preparing ourselves for the winter to come. First frosts and -degrees we alredy have seen. And all frozen car windows. I just hope the grounds will be frozen very soon, cleaner for the Gang.
H Heros´ Emperor with mum & dad, Tuula & Harri, popped in one day and "Nero" had the most wonderfull time seing Huvikumpu family. Only the head of his were stripped and he now waits for spring to get a new coat. He had difficulties of leaving us the fun being so big experience. Plus the wonderfull smell (heat) of Huvikumpupilvi.
4 puppies were born in Norway and 4 in Finland. One bitch in Sweden just started her whelping while writing this. There´s more to come in the near future. God save them all! Our own "nest" is empty at the moment but it will be filled early December i hope. That being a very interesting breeding, b/t coming from both sides and mum being the first timer.
But before that i shall give you some other exciting news in the near future.  Watch my news on website!


October and all the pots on the yard are full frozen. Amazing how the first minus degrees always comes so suddenly. Would be easier, at least once in the life time, to empty the pots with normal soil not frozen. Now, again, about 20 pots needs to be carried somewhere inside. For melting. Shit. What an extra job!
Anyways. All my Marigolds, their flowers or the rest of them, i already cathered yesterday and placed them in Sauna. Up on the seats in big low boxes. Where they dry. After which teir seeds are plocked and separated and sheltered for next summer. And - much less than usually. Am proud myself that i finally did it, not to breed them as many as usual. Les breeding les watering. More spare time.
Two interesting litters coming in the very near future. Not here but elswhere.  Sired by our boys however. I shall be waiting the results my fingers crossed. As if they were on my responsibility but not to see it happening makes it even more exciting.
I have made one litter project myself and that will come true early December if we are lucky. Unfortunatelly i wasn´t able to breed the one i had planned. Another bitch started her heat and she went along with her. That being one month too early, she´s still entered few shows.  As you see no plan is a final plan. So this bitch who started the whole mess will carry the concequences and if her December puppies ever born there might be some nice surprises. B/T colors exist with both parents. Untill i see that in live have to hold my horses!
Little Hello Martinpoika seems to have settled 100 % well. The family got their  Puppy Boy they adore and are now spending their time by sitting and crawling on the floors. That means exciting experiences for the puppy and for the whole family. Deep on my heart i hope they´ll take another one some day for a playmate. Deep in my heart i also feel so-ooo empty not hearing those quick steps on our floor anymore. To give the only puppy is worse than giving the whole litter. I whish him all the best in the world!
About my hair. After coloring it red and now carrot red i´ve had so many positive remarks, in shops, shows, even i farmacy. It took only 3 days for our cashier in the shop to change color. Had i that color in my pocket  to sell i were a millionaire. Strange way to earn money by the way!
Last show again gave us all: Modern Talking & Rita BOBs & Heros´ Remarkable BOS. No wonder it made me smile!

GH Moder Talking (left), H Rita aGoes Hollywood & H Heros´Remarkable.

25.09. FRIDAY

Last warmish days of fall and have enjoyed them all.  The Gang looks the sun spots.  Living so closed to forest and the sun being already quite down  the sun beams cannot reach us anymore during whole day. Blooming still going on but for Marigolds i can see their days are numbered. Start cathering their seeds soon. Again decided not to have them so many next summer. But that remains to be seen...
Shows are about to finnish, only few in the halls and our Helsinki Internationals at the begnning of December. Every time i say, only 2 dogs entered in Helsinki. It´s SO expensive. Everytime i find myself in the hall with 5 griffons, both days. Horrible. If i only...
Two griffonbreeders have died this summer after their battle of cancer.  Both ladies i knew and both had Huvikumpu griffon. One in Sweden one in Norway.  A fellow breeder in Finland had an tragedy by loosing her dear husband in terrible accident. All this makes me realize how fragile life can be and is. You never know. And again i realize - how lucky i am. The only problem with me is i cann´t appreciate it.
Hello Martinpoika is about to leave next weekend. Having  this only puppy it seems even harder to part with him. Have given all my time only for him. He was hardly at all in his tiny fenced area, only sleeping times. And since 4½ weeks he has been all free and a fully member in this gang of mine. Everyone loves him and he has at least 3 mothers to nurse him. Liza her real mother has done a splendid job and i will be missing her dearly when she goes back to her home. But i know this is her home too.  And i will see her  in the near future. She is my co-own bitch and it goes now in 3 generations: Stail Aikemuno Tarantella & her daughter H Wera Schwarz & her daughter H Hello Liza Schwarz. And i have a hunch there will be one more from Liza´s second litter if i´m lucky.
Speaking of litters - congrats to Norway where a litter of 4 Helmut babys came into the daylight!
I have a cooked egg ready for Martinpoika and that will be his second meal today. After that he Goes out with us all and we´ll be enjoying the fall!


The best of blooming is behind.  And thanks to so many rains one  of the  pots  already dead. But it´s still warm and my Marigolds are so beautifull....
After our Griffon Specialty - always last Sunday of August - life seems to settle down and be more normal. As if it ever could in this size of a kennel.
Anyways. We were plesed to get all with roughs, including belge BOS, from this girl i wait to see more in the future. She has all the good points and they still are not finished yet. Her temperament gives me lots of hope after year or so. She needs to settle down. She´s happy as ever. As critical as i am towards it and tired for her tricks right now i  know the bests are like that. It´s a good start. Believe me.
Griffons had a judge trainee which took double of the time. H  Heros´Remarkable   was already in ch class and from my eye corners  i could see how pleased the judge were to see his proud coming and going. He was BOB. Best male-2 H Usko Eevertti.
It was raining cats & dogs so to speak. And it started just for junior brux bitches. My firstaimer Rita met her first hail storm while struggling in the very long grass. But she managed to be 3. bitch with CQ. Only 3 bitches got that ticket. But under those circumstances she didn´t show her qualities nor did the others.

Helmut on the other hand was a disapointment, i waited second place for him, the best i thought we could get but somehow (?) the judge didn´t want him placed into four best males at all and out we went. The class of 4 bests consisted of very young males. It´s like long live the juniors...
Summa summarum
lots of new show plans have been made.
This little creature we have goes very well already, also outside though he is only 3 weeks exactly today. And all is so easy with this "only the lonely guy".  But extra food needs a spoon to get into his mouth.   His first visitors are just about to come to see him.
An observation: seems my Danke Schön is not pregnant. I know, i didn´t breed her long enough - thanks to my other appointmenst! So i shall continue with my lazy days!


Shows and matings has filled lasst 2½ weeks. Succes with both of them. Though you never can tell if the girls will be lucky enough to get puppies at their times. 
It´s amazing - and this i have said many times - how things gather together. First you spend weeks enjoying all the peace and suddenly you find yourselt surrounded by different "appointments" . And what makes all the bitches start their heat same time, recardless where and in what country they live.
During last 2½ weeks it was time for  Hello Liza Schwarz to whelp and she did it real fast, 59 days from mating. Only one red puppy boy which i already named after his sire, H Remarkable Red "Martti": Hello Martinpoika. He is a litte fat boy and looks more like a hampurger right now. Recon he will be one of the hardest learner what comes to extra food after about one week.
Had helpfull hints for training my "Soma", asked in my last blog. Suvi, thank you thank you - your advise has already worked and i will continue it. As a matter of fact with some others too. This litte "klick machine" has become their favorite!


Long time no see! Thanks to my computer.  Which now should be working (?) again. Thanks to Timo. First thing i had to do was update last blogs´s photos...
During last month there´s been so much to celebrate. A show after our Open was Nastola 11.07. where Helmut did the best he could winning Group plus BIS-2. A thing worth celebrating. Next day we celebrated Red Ruby´s 11 birthday and that girl still goes strong and is very allert. Also the "Einstein" in our gang.
We celebrated Jade´s International champion Tittle in June. So many good things happening  including Elina´s eye & patellars being OK, Liza´s ultra telling she has puppies and even Schöne showing herself  same signs though it´s early days. Not to mention these rains during this summer which i consider as a blessing: they all have made living easier without the continual watering as last earlier summers. Some don´t like the rain, i do. It´s worth celebrating if you have a garden full of plants. And  one  more thing  to be happy about - it seems the ticks are fever. Or are they just having a break?
What comes to negative things, Hilla has tiny polyp. She is only 8 ½ years and in very good condition with the coat you could die for.  It may be removed later.
The other harm is my "Soma" still having her Riga-Symptoms causing lots of insecure while showing. It all started 2 years ago at Riga hall, where they began agility next ring to us the noice & howling being horrible. Even the judge complained of it. After a year of hard work she managed to get her selfconfidens back, almost. Another try to Riga hall and guess what - they began folk dance next ring to ours! And again horrible noice with drums and all. Seriously, they should be some law against this! It makes me sick to even think about how she started her career in juniors first time at Helsinki (halls) Internationals by winning them both (BOS), then to Estonia winning BOS, at Stockholm BOB Junior and all there between till Riga. Where it all ended. Dogs have long memory and i recon there´s not so much i can do about it. If someone knows, don´t hesitate to tell me!
These still are small harms compared what people can have not to mention their own health or loss in their family.  I guess i´m still the lucky one.


Weeks go fast and cannot believe it´s almost middle of July. Days vary from shine to rain. Good thing watering in our garden has caused less troubles. At the moment dark clouds are coming neared and they say thunder storms are expected. Pelargonias have to be moved in shelter, they hate to be wet all days long.
After Midsummer weekend a trip to Riga produced one more International Champion  for our gang, H Red Jade being number 59. Int Ch bred by us.
Criffon Club Open Show 04.07. was another succes, BIS bruxellois and 2 best   bitches, even Hilla the veteran being 4. bitch and also BIS-2 of all 3 breeds, Helmut best brabancon male (18 entries).
05.07. same thing going on: best brux male & bitch, best brabancon & best opposite sex  the opposite  being my bride and joy H Hello Liza Schwarz. She comes with a nice litter of 2 colors (black & red) both coats. Sister has done well in Norway and the other one in Italy having a splendid career in Europe. Two others from this same litter have never been showed, pity.
It seems to be very difficult to have any body entering shows today. Even with smooths.
Was amazed not to have any Huvikumpu griffs entered at our Open, except one veteran. Which i do apreciate, thank you Suvi. Knowing what people said after last year´s Open, they will not ever enter again, i still have hoped someone to come.  But i understand their feelings.
My famous Marigolds are in pigger pots outside. At last, thanks to our gold spring and early June.
We shall have our birthday girl H RED RUBY (11) cuttled next sunday 12.07. She is in good health, bit over weight but aren´t we all! Extra sousages will be given for her no matter what.
Birth coats from last puppies have been done, some by owners some by me. Of which two last boys are coming in today afternoon. Hard rains are expected so they might be  done in the garage. It remains to be seen.

Look at the earlier Blog and see what re-planting can do.

22.06. MONDAY

Midsummer weekend is over. Nice days, rains & sunshine, but summer at it´s best. My mother being with us made the Midsummer feeling even better. As all the Finns lots of meat, sousages, one metre of ribs and lots of salty herring have been eaten. Not forgetting good wines either. Lovey but good it´s over,  life normalizes.
Two shows at 06.06. & 14.06 took place with good results. What made my happiness overwhelming was H Hello Liza Schwarz gaining her CAC with BOS failing only to her sire Helmut. This young lady has  been with me during Midsummer having fun with our old  boy H Remarkable Red. The old Gentleman came into the picture by changing my plans. Thought that would be a perfect match for producing all colors & coats in the world plus fiting  together their outlooks. Not to mention giving a last (?) chance for our old boy to show what he´s made of.
Today Liza goes home, we remain waiting news, hopefully  good ones.
My Marigolds still too tiny to put into bigger pots, only 3 cms, planted them late because of the cold spring weather. Hope our fall will not come too early, hate to see them blooming only for few weeks.
We had an extra job with extra costs. During those extra stormy days two of our biggest birchs almost fellt down and if they have managed to do so the other end of our house would hae been smashed. They grew on the rocks with only thin sediment on their roots. Google gave us quick help and a man with all the tools and machines came during one hour and after another one the big trunks were cut into short blocks. But that wasn´t all. The whole area, earth, rose up with those trees leaned.  The roots still being there, under, it was an underground extra world of Jurasic Park for all the dogs to dig in. Had to buy lots of  turf bars to fill that huge hollow. Not only fill but try to make it fit with the scenery. Easy growing low plants i found the best, usually nothing kills them. We´ll se about that. And as usual, everything has to be covered first with garden nets. Too easy for dogs to dig out every plant. Recon it takes whole July for this new scenery to recover.
Got an idea, why not sell a  roll of  garden net, it will be needed anyhow.

01.06. MONDAY

Summer has settled down here at Nurmijärvi and Finland . Except - what i know - not in the northern part of Finland where it´s  been also raining far too much. But don´t you worry there, summer will come.
Only one puppy boy in the house. And he follows us where ever we go and what ever we do. And we have done a lot. The usual manouvres every spring, digging up old plants and change their places.  L.O.L. 
Lots of new plants have been bought and placed (read: lots of digging) into suitable places. The whole parking area has new look (wellcome to this centrury) but six small conifers still are waiting their final planting. Cann´t wait to see that place  ready finished. Pity, that should have been done 2 months ago for all those visitors to see  But better late than never.
We are living very dangerous times here or should i say House Master lives.  I get lots of new ideas, big and sudden. This time of the year they usually mean lots of digging, draging soil, stones and bricks. I´m designer he plays the Working Man part.
My Marigold session is about to begin. As soon as we get the parking area finished i will dip my fingers into those seeds and spread them into several hundreds of small pots. They will be taken into the greenhouse for two weeks or so. After which those thick green swabs are squeezed into huge big garden pots where they start fighting from the sun. And usual watering comes next.
My basil, spinach and lettuce are already in the move, can see their tiny little starts. Yammy yammy.
So much and so nice to do everything outside in the garden or where ever. I hardly can remember the meanig of the word: showing. Not that i haven´t been doing it. Latest news coming from Estonia where Eric, our joy and bride, again took he´s tittles home. Good boy!
It´s late but i still have to go and see how the new plants are doing on the other side of the fence,  on that parking place of ours.
Speaking of fences  Soma  the new mother disappeared today. Couldn´t find her anywhere though she was called, shouted, yelled half an hour. As usual i took Martti (H Remarkable Red 12 years) for help. He does it remarkably well you see. He howled as a wolf hearing me calling Soma.  He wasn´t at all intrested to follow me but prefered to go elsewhere. His tiny nose snuffing  and i´m sure he went same steps with that runaway girl. Not at all where i thought she might have run. And for a while, who do i see on the other end of the route: Soma. Coming home after hearing Martti. And oh boy, was she MUDDY from head to tails. And she was just washed last week with 15 others.
Folks, have you ever seen griffon tracking - you could die for it! Martti has done it for all his life. He is an old boy already and i still have not trained anybody to  take his place.  I most certainly should.
The hole for more runaways no more exists.

12.05. TUESDAY

Hi, there´s more folk coming...

This pack of mine has gone nuts. As a result of many visitors during weeks. Not only those coming to see pups but other things concerning dogs. And it still continues though a bit easier times ahead. The gang is allert as ever. Goes a car far on the route they all rush to the gate and the noice is unbelievable. Incredible. I think it takes few months till they settle down and forget this mould in their brains. I mentioned this noisy behaviour to a puppy buyer that i hardly can stand this sober.  Well, today she picked up her puppy and brought me red champagne!
Only 3 pups left and one goes next Saturday. This is a piece of cake compared to earlier 8. If not raining (thanks good it hasn´t been much) we are outside daily for hours. Sometimes have placed them in to take their naps if too windy. They all come after my command  and they have already learned to go down to the lower yard - the large grass area. Some even using stairs.
Couple of shows here between have given me some "rest" from all this wild-west-feeling. Huvikumpupilvi has been under some extra training. She is so-ooo hard headed. Almost impossible to discharge her batteries.
She must have something to catch judge´s eyes no matter how jumpy and pumpy she may be. As far this she´s  been BOB. Hope the outside shows will work better for her. 
Little Rita Goes Hollywood gave her first act at Lahti Puppy Show, enterd 5 brux puppies. And the "Oscar" went to her. I´m happy with her temperament and her easy going movements. Puppy coat will be stripped soon.
One of oldest Huvikumpu kids moved up into Dog´s Heaven. Huvikummun Heros'  Ukonhattu (H Lucky Mii No Haira & H Heros' Mesimarja) b.30.11.2000. I sympathize with the owners and know their lost is bigger one hardly can bear. On the other hand, how many of us can have their loved dogs as long! May he rest in peace. And i will gladly give another puppy for them to take care as good as they have done.
New life grows up every where. In the mornigs while having my coffee outside i can see the buds growing bigger and bigger. Late in the evening  i hear tens of birds singing on the tree tops just before the night. Life goes on no matter what.

22.04. TUESDAY

Long time no see! Since both litters were born, last on 23.03. living here has been like Camp Work. Counted from 03.04. till today there´s been only 4 days without anyone coming in nor me going nowhere. My mum came and she´s been here over a month now. With her i´ve been driving here and there to get her things sorted, hair, eyes, classes, feet, pass, teeth.... and it still continues. Between all this visitors for puppies, some twice. Of course all the routines have been done, trimmings i´ve booked for people and now the final madness - first spring FLOWERS!   At this point, guess what i need - waiting to go showing and having a REST from all this.
Still early times to say if those foreign girls were lucky to get themselves pregnant but at least one litter came through on the map of Jyväskylä.
With litters miracles do happen.  Good or bad and one extra puppy can pop out even next day. Change of sex - which seems to be popular in our times - came into daylight here some time ago. Looking for one bitch - where in the hell she is - had an experience realizing SHE being HE!  The time 2 died in that litter i again marked rest of te pups, and red spots for one poor darling instead of green. Once marked  with their colors they went listed all the time as spotted... What do we learn about this - never do it with bad lights (sauna!).
Anyways, the whole gang goes outside already, youngest still are carried. They eat very well now but have to tell it wasn´t easy, not at all. Those older 3 being so fat they never seemed to be hungry enough for extra food. But  it´s now yesterday´s news. They eat. And i wait with big towel. 
Time flies and first puppies are leaving about First May and well trained.
My own puppy Rita still without training. My feet needing care same goes with my hair.
And i also had to go and show my eyes to some body. But hey who cares myself - only the dogs are important!

30.03. MONDAY

Sweetest Dreams whelped 24.03.

Looking out of the window i see all white again. And it´s only good.  To cover all the mess done here during winter: the remains of forest, our way here - other side stired up by electricity men. But they are waiting there to come in sight.
Lot of things happend here since my last blog. First of all Jade had her litter but we managed to loose 2 of them inspite of a hard fight. But these 3 left are doing great and they now look like fat moles. One girl seems to be smooth.
One bitch out of the country was mated succesfully and "Mertsi" (H Heros' Remarkable) now will have his second litter ever. Same weekend a show at Lahti were i was  more than tired after struggling with those two pups of Jade´s.
Last Monday evening was a happy day, to see my "Rita´s"  older sister. Owner had done a great job preparing her to shows. But she still wanted to visit here, just in case. Not   much to do but you know me, once i start mun engines there´s no end of it. And this girl went to best bitch-2 with CAC after my ch bitch. So it was a beautiful Sunday at Turku. And there´s more coming i hope.
As i have planned these two litters should have had more time between each others. But as usual, things go on their own ways.  The first having her liter later and Sweetest Dreams being an early bird. Got her pups last Tuesday, they now are 6 days old. And could there be one smooth, both sex?
Between all these there´s been lots of  trimmings, mine and others.
The last but not the least - i now feel free as a bird. As a result of finally sending my resignation for the Griffon Club of ours. Having considering it since last August.  For me being a member (Honorary Member) has mostly been kind of a sympathy from my side,  allways though it´s a top breeder´s "must". Today how ever i don´t see any point me showing sympathy.  As it says in the name of the song on this site "I Can See Clearly Now".
And by the way -- wall papers still on the walls!
Easter comes, snow or not. Personally i don´t care. What i do care is to see i finally am on the safe side with all these little creatures in puppy nests. Dear mother is coming here, also one heatbitch out of the country which i have to pick up from airport and take her back on Easter Sunday. Despite of that i hope to have peace in this house!


Also we like new wall papers, whiter in live.

"Houston we have a problem" my exact early morning words last Tuesday  when calling a friend for help. New wallpapers pasted yesterday by House Master are rolling down,  tell me what to do!!   "You could try nailing them down with nails 6 inches"  he said. L.O.L.  "Don´t worry i´m on my way", let me finish i just came out of toilet".
And this flyig Handy Man came with no time. All papers down (as if they hadn´t been already) some painting over the old wallpapers. And next day he climed up as a squirrel and fixed them on the walls.  Permanently this time.  House Master was mainly shut up with hands in pockets.
Seriously. Why it´s so hard for a man to ask HELP??  To admit own skills are not enough.  Good to have this friendly Handy Man available. He has done lot of work here 10 years ago.  He only has one fault: he cannot say NO!
Anyways the nightmare is over, house looks nice and Handy Man probably is telling stories about how-to-do-it-yourself. 
I´m glad this is over and i now can concentrate on births coming right up in the near future. The other one being a bit strange already tough still eating. Have stripped 2 griffons and tend to do one (not  mine) tomorrow plus one of  mine on Saturday. If the moter holds herself in one piece. Which i do hope. We are living dangerous times here. And i don´t mean a sudden collapse of wallpapers...

27.02. FRIDAY

Another month less for spring. Really it has not been much of a winter more like waiting when does it begin. But less work with snow, no need to go on the roof at all and less electricity spent for heating.
The "Forest Gumps" seem to have finished, long high rows of logs are still waiting  for gathering though a big part of them have already been transported. The scenery really looks strange. One have been used to look the thick forest for 30 years and now you can see the BOTTOM of it. Thin forest doesn´t look so bad either.
What comes to the trees of ours, only few on our side, my wish came tru. But accidentally.  I told House Master  i want them all down. And he  told the men to leave 3 trees. One day me being inside and him on the service station it happened. No trees at all. House Master went bananas and i was satisfied. End of story.
My both mums seem  as they should at this point of their pregnancy. Jade the early bird looks like having a grilled chicken i her belly, Soma also looking much heavier and a  bit like a short cut log. Keeping in mind all those dreadful episodes last year i have to cross my fingers all goes better this time.
On February since my last blog there´s been birthdays and a death. Remarkable Red had his 12th birthday, Rita her fourth month and Red Elegance her 13th only that Elegance died 5 days before  hers. It all happened so quickly and came out of nowhwere. I didn´t have time for preparing myself. Which made it even harder. House Master managed to bury her home  despite of the winter. But it didn´t go so easy have to tell. May this lovely granny rest in peace. Restless Feet is now a motherless child and little Rita withouth her granny.
Two things of which i´m glad all over, Remarkable Red still is going strong and behaving like a puppy. First one everywhere. Never says no for his meals. And his son Heros' Remarkable, not yet 2 years, got CAC & CACIB & BOB  at Estonia Tallinn. Winning easily a fwell known griffon. The criticism being nothing but praising details. His coat and color being one of the main points. So, there´s always some good things waiting round the corner to give balance. Oh yes and little "Helmuts" are hoped & waited somewhere else, not just here at Nurmijärvi.
At the moment i´m waiting one griff to be on my trimming table. A meeting on Saturday and another griffon on Sunday. There in between have to look  our own Eurovison candidates. Only few songs from here and there have i heard and those hardly will give any credit for us...


Now it really hit us - the snow -  and lots of that sort. It is SO-OOO BEAUTIFUL everywhere and the sky in the morning just before daylight, words cannot tell enough. Same goes with the blue moment before the dark. Incredible mixture of blu.
Talking about beautiful scenery our life is surrounded with BIG machines. First came the  noicy wonder machine to cut the forest into pieces. Lots of trees were put down in same line waiting for final gathering.  Next summer we will have more sunlight as a rusult of this though it wasn´t made for our convinience. Some trees of ours are also promised to put down. At the moment there is a hard argument going on - how many trees and where. I´ve always been the one making all to disappear. Keep your thumbs for me!
Then came electricity men digging big long ditches. All the leads will be hidden under  into long pipes. That machine wasn´t so small either. Hope there will be less troubles in the future with electricity. At least there will be non caused by the snow which is very common in Finland, country side.
And there between something our phone line was cut. Crystal clear a different group to fix that were needed and a big van with men came behind our gates. Half an hour and all was OK. Now there is only 2 miracle machines making there best miracles to ruin the areas all over. And there´s no use trying to go somewhere by car, at least one day. We are castled here with our gang.
And the scenery is so beautiful if you don´t look  the gates...



Winter, very weird, but winter anyways and it really has been strange. Days and weeks can vary much, from + to - and still not enough snow. Am afraid some perennials will die during this period as they did last "winter". Not snow enought to protect them.
Puppies have been on my trimming table and only one to come on next Sunday. While stripping their birth coats i can see their development and behaviours. That is - how good the owner has been with teaching their little darlings! Some having difficulties with handling a puppy on the table. Mostly people  don´t dare to do it with strong hands enough: puppy being so small,  so lively, she might be hurt if using combe, scissors and during nailcuts... As if. The more one hasitates the more  puppy reacts - one has to have "strong hands" without any hesitation. And no laugh during what ever one is doing.
Things start going better after visiting here, that´s for sure. And that being the main reason of visiting here, even more important than learning how to strip.
My own Princess (3 months) though being under my capable hands realized how to stand still on the table - not earlier than after couple of trimmings.  Daily practising with her, how to stand on the table did no good.  Mission Impossible. After trimmings she now understands the point.
As i said earlier, we are back in business. One bitch mated and the other one soon to be "under work". Life here being rather troubled - 5 heat bitches in the house at the moment (!!) What is good, nevertheless, this will be over same time. And thanks Good for that!
Next weekend is spent for animals only. Saturday show at Turku International, Sunday  last puppy stripping and rest of the day spent by watching & counting birds (Bird Life).  Something else than counting dogs!?


Rita & mum.

After Christmas & New Year´s Eve we can return to normal. That is not just hollidays, Sundays and "days between something".   It´s been cold, wet and very cold. Snow and rain. Today again -4 after yesterday´s -16...
Mother being here 3 weeks has made the time pass very fast, always something extra to do when there is two woman in the house. That´s no secret. And this home is more than empty today after she finaly left back on her island. House Master being her chauffeur.
We were lucky to spend all that time in peace, now girls seem to start their heats with speed,  soon we´ll be back in business again.  Next week one mating will be done. Life goes one.
Having had a lot of time to figure out all things, breeding, showing, it´s more clear now what i´m going to do. Breeding - one litter at the time if possible. Showing - have to be very carefull for whom to enter. And whether to continue my membership in our Griffon Club? It has become more obvious during last few years, my ideology in this hobby is quite different compared to some other members.  I wonder if any honorary member ever has layed off  her membership?  I sure would stay in history by doing so.
Little Rita is doing great and has already lost her birth coat and she now looks like a   tiny small grown up griffon.  And she also started to be "a pain in the ass" - teasing   older bitches.  No matter how often she will be punished she does it anyways. That´s the spirit! I love this little creature and after stripping her i just realized her face and expression is a copy of her gdam, H Red Elegance, 13 years in February!   Seems that gdam´s short thick undercoat also is hereditary. Cann´t wait to see Rita´s new
puppy coat...