by Eija Koskelin



Always On My Mind

dedicated to
Liebe & Hilla





MONDAY 19.12.

Huvikumpu Gang on forest run

Time to start concentrating towards christmas.  Dogroom just finnished, all new and clean. A bit better cleaning in our house than usual will happen later this week. Christmas food all on paper - what to buy and where. I managed to find a lovely smaller ham and so nice rounded that i had to buy it last week already and save it in my freezer. Jus in case. Out from freezer on Thursday, in the oven on Friday and ready cold super ham on the table on Saturday. That' s the plan.
For the gang big frankfurters for everyone. This will be also first christmas we don' t buy ANY presents. What a relief! Nor for dogs so frankfurters may do, even better i recon. Christmas cards seem to be moved to internet, also ours.
Birds will have their oats sheaf plus usual seeds and tallow hanging.
The last puppy goes on Thursday and after that it will be an empty house. All the busy navels have moved into new homes to continue their jumping and pumping.  Early Friday morning hours will be the first for a long time without any extra wakenings caused by puppies. Hope to sleep till 07.30 in the morning.
There will be about 2 months brake for these mornings, my Olga is about to be mated.
Would have hoped her heat had come at least a week later. Boys will have their  Christmas in dogroom, but hey there's plenty of room. And only a gate between them and us. And they sure will have all their christmas extras, even more than girls.
This christmas we don' t have our dear Liebe (H Heros' Liebe) anymore with us. But in our yard there will be an extra candle for her, too. I've said it in my mind many times but i say it once again: thank you for all you gave us. Sleep well. We meet again.

SATURDAY  04.12.

some evidence material...

Another cold day of  -11. Only a bit snow. There was about one week guite warm and wet between. But am glad we got new white covering.
Itīs been rather busy weeks with trimmings, chips and some vaccinations with older gang.  Trafic here caused by people coming to see their puppies. I willy nilly had the time for my own dentist. Not to mention my motherīs needs. Jyväskylä show i passed, too hard to wake up so early to be ready to do all the things here before going.  Missed a good chance to make my young bitch ready champion. Now she still enters from open class in Helsinki.
A short visit to Lilla Stockholm.  Thursday evening on Viking-Line, Friday at the show, back home same evening. And finally back in Finland early Saturday morning. Didnīt enter Swedish Winner Show on Sunday. We were happy to make  Heros' Remarkable BOB and SE CH. My bride "Rita" on the other hand didnīt show her tail at the end and lost her chance to have CACIB. She already has Swedish CAC from last year. Good meals on boat but horrible to sleep. After hardly not sleeping 2 nights and a whole day show there between no need to tell i was tired than ever. Today things start working again and i feel i am alive anyhow!
Pups are all just about to go, one left already. The youngest will make themselves lovely xmas presents - leaving about a week before.  As a lovely girl said to her mum while visiting here: "Mum this is my best xmas gift ever i donīt need anything else". And she gave a hug to her mum. Hard to watch it without tears.
These black beauties are running outside with others. They have been used to different   weathers and shall learn more every day. They eat well and are allert if not sleeping. The smooth older boy, soon 8 weeks is the boss and mostly runs free everywhere. Only sleeping times together with smaller pups in dogroom. I would say all these pups have  been very easy  without any troubles.  Of which iīm more than cratefull.
And in the evening: Finlandia House Ballet!

FRIDAY 11.11.

Winter came suddenly, first snow and all the time even more. Landscape all white so i itīs WINTER i recon. Dogs thrilled running in the snow and me not so much looking the snow on floors. Today it was -16 and that kind of snow doesnīt stick to legg hairs.
What a relief. For a while at least.
Pilvi had her litter of 3 (2+1) and despite of all hopes they turned out to be roughs.
Now 2 weeks old. They will be ready just for a week before xmas. What an xmas presents they all will be. As to Schöne, she remained empty. Am disapointed and happy same time. It appeared our snowy weathers have caused so much extra "winter work" thereīs no need to have more! I think i can manage with these 2 litters of mine, taking care of them and training them for their future.
Few weeks after kitchen was finnished dishmachine broke up. Thanks God quarantee still available and the "man" coming today. Itīs been horrible for 2 weeks handwash all. That is if youīre not used to. Mum has been doing it all days long. Hope we can put the stop on it today. That remains to be seen.
I should be at Jyväskylä show tomorrow. It doesnīt take much for me to stay home enstead of driving 2 x 250 kms. The last round probably again in all the darkness. If the ring would be late, as they usually are. Have to look carefully the weather in the morning before my final decission. Besidess, only 2 other bruxellois entered!! Where are they all??
Now i go to fix dog yard and other places, lots of snow... have a nice weekend!


MONDAY 24.10.

Itīs been warm and nice fall and here at Nurmijärvi not rainy at all. Only  couple of times ice on car windows early mornings. Lots of raking, lots ofcarrying and lots of wheelbarrowing. A blister on my thumb.
There in between Sweetest Dreams had two lovely baby boys which now are almost 2 weeks old, on wednesday so to speak. At very early age i diagnosed them by their coats. My hunch at their early age 5 days, turned out to be right. One of them is smooth. Though having made even earlier observations have to confess itīs not allways as easy. Sometimes they just develope later. One can foresee their coats - smooth or rough - by looking under paws, the pads. Whether there is hair between them or not.  And sometimes the differences are to be seen very very early, sometimes a bit later 2 weeks old.
Huvikumpupilvi still eats and enjoys being "special bitch" at her last days.  Last week the whole Gang  was under my scissors - bodies & nails & ears - and it took almost 3 hours to make them look more like griffons. And many of them are growing their winter coats. Veterans are looking more reasonable all times, thanks for trimming machine.  As a peak to a cap all noses got a dab of vaseline. Which they all hate and they have to be kept inside for a while unless you donīt want them to push their heads on the mud. Which iīve seen. But one learns.
Speaking of scissoring we managed to pick all the orange berries of Sea Buckthornes. Found new way of gathering them: by trimming scissors! Mum holding the branches and me scissoring against them. Big dish was under. This was the most quicker way to pick them up. Now this wonderful orange vitamin is waiting in the freezer safe and sound. With these berries itīs the same as with onions - raw and strong but  you cook or fry them they become sweet. Same with these sour berries, you make food of them they turn sweet-and-sour.
Keep your fingers up folks for Huvikumpupilvi!

MONDAY 03.10.

Sunny days and first degrees at nights. Awfull now it starts. Car windows on ice. And some xmas advertisements already seen in papers. But before xmas thereīs lot to do here on yards.
Our kitchen will be ready soon, new doors everywhere plus new short cupboards on the wall. Who needs long high ones you never can reach. Besides things kept there are  those you never need anyways. Renovation has been going on about 2 weeks. And it has to be finnished before the first whelping. Dear God.
Both girls have increased their measurements particularly Soma who will have her days numbered after one week. All things are ready and baby milk bought. It will be nice to again have pups in the house after successful summer "hollidays". I feel the power. Not that i donīt know itīs easily lost.
Since the last accident, toilet, there has not been any others. As far this all is working well and why not - mainly everything is new and have been changed. But i still canīt understand how all started to break in pieces after no man in the house, a guestion worth million dollars.
Only one puppy show i the middle of September. Few matings the last being yesterday at Helsinki/Kaivopuisto park. Near Viking terminal where my Swedish friend landed. Sun was shining and our boy did what expected behind the bushes. Afterwards nice cups of coffee at Ursula Caffee. We spent there 2 extra hours talking this and that, enjoying of  sun and having quality time for both of us. Now we cross our fingers and hope for the best.  And same goes with our own whelpings soon to be.


Pretty nice september weathers. Not raining. Sunny and kind of windy. Some summer flowers i have been gathered away already. But Marigolds and cress still are blooming.
Something strange with all plants this summer, not blooming so much and smaller.
Pelargonias didnīt like the vet summer at all and results can be seen. But Sea Buckthorn with her sharp thorns is doing fine. Weīll get lots of  berries, those colorful orange vitamin pills. Best way to eat them is to mix them (3 handfulls) with food every time i wok. I use them also in blender making smoothies. I still have some let from last year. And now after first minus degrees these new ones should be gathered up. The guestion is - who does it? Itīs been House Masterīs  job but hello, he donīt live here anymore. Only one solution left - me. It doesnīs ring my bells so much but i cannot leave them there either. Billions of vitamin! If you see me with bloody arms donīt say anything.
Show season finnished. Three last outdoor shows gave 2 new FI Champions: H Mafian Heila & H Hello Liza Schwarz. Three other champions this year being: H Heros' Helmut, H Wannabe In LA and H Heros' Elina. Big conratulations for all the owners! My own boy H HerosīRemarkable became IT Ch. Not so bad. Also needs to be mentioned H Hello Mrs. Robinsson (sister to Liza Schwar) who has gained all possible in her European turnee and she now is Int & Multi Champion. 
Some strippings have been done and also some are with their coats cut. Oldies look nice and easy to combe, only beards. I never cut them all naked but use the length of ― to 1 cm. Plus letting them have their shorter leg furnishings. First time is always   worst time, to cut and spoil a wonderfull coat texture & color. Knowing all is finished, no shows, no puppies, at this point of their lives they donīt have uterus either. But once you have done all these procedures you find itīs a big releaf. Les bodies to combe, les heat bitches for boys to snife.
Our two girls, hopefully mothers next month, are doing fine and all seems to be normal. Except thereīs been heat bitches almost 2 months, not normal at all. The last one being now our baby girl Bette Davis. And she sure is one Bloody Mary!

TUESDAY 30.08.

August almost gone and so it seems with summer. Too much rain, too many plants suffering from all the wet and hard to manage cuting the grass - the only thing which doesnīt seem to wither at all no matter rains or not. It grows anyways.
Since both griffon shows  we've skiped one and entered a few.  Even one  puppy show took place in Helsinki area and that was a nice one. Only puppies and not so much growd. H Bette Davis Eyes did well again as usual. She has said to be a super mover. That i agree. I see her dam' s and  expecially grand sire's fantastic movements in her. Have to thank  Stail Aikemuno Respectable Gentleman ("Bobrikoff") for these super steps. He was, and still is, a giant but his size was all forgiven after seen his movements in the ring. Like an English breeder judge said: "He just cannot move or stand wrongly"! I wait to see this little grand daughter of his - Bette Davis - grow up and  show her qualities. But at first her puppy coat has to be removed. Though i havenīt decided yet when.
Helsinki Toy Dogs Show, which isn' t any more our griffon specialty didnīt have much griffon enterings. They now are history. Ours is arranged today separately as it' s own show.  Due to this griffon enterings for Toy Dog Show was very poor, for example only 7 brux of which 3 mine. And i also made history: nothing of the sort of winning. Except the BOB puppy but she was the only one.
We have seen some breeder judges entering their griffs  this year and it has turned out not to be easy winning those kind of combinations no matter what dog you have on the leash.  For over all this season i have seen strange winners: rough griffons winning with long curly coats, with no coats at all, giant size,  creamy colors, very long silky legg furnishings without any color... 
Also saw  griffons gaining there CAC even with BOS without any movements at all (no tails either)  the dog didnīt even want to walk, more like growling.  And all  prizes were given.
My dogs are not showed in that kind of conditions. Most certainly mine would never be forgiven any of these faults. Vise versa. I remember one judgement were my griffon was placed second  due to her tail being i the position of clock 12.10. Her movements were super as the judge said plus all the critics given. The one placed first was moving with very short steps without any power but the tail was up!  At home looking  pictures taking from ringside i could see two guite different movers and kept wondering who can ever be so blind not to separate short steps from long reaching ones.
What might be more important: where the tail is pointing at or good construction? When a dog is wronlgly built it can never move rightly - with long reaching powerfull movements. Also griffons can do that. If all points are ok in the body. I hope judges could value right things instead of struggling with things irrelevant.
What comes to "power" it is something dogs can get only by free exercise bearing in mind the sort of their genes. Those kept in small areas or boxes can never have any power on their muscles which is easily  seen.  This "limited exercise" is also used to have an allert dog in the ring. Poor darlings.  And those doing that you will find amongst the  professionals.  Handlers (profs) are also making a full picture of how to show your dog and that is always by "hanging". As if a good dog with proper construction couldnīt move rightly himself. Besides dog needs his neck to give a balance for movements. Neck is useless if hanged upwards to the sky.
It wasnīt long ago  judges gave there opinions about hanging against freely showing. And they all said the last one should be more rewarding.  The policy in the rings is quite opposite however.
Tomorrow our new stove - the whole settings - will be brought in and installed. The old one didnīt work properly anymore. And as usual several of hundreds of euros. What might be the nex surprise. Cannot even think. Almost all  have already been changed.
Two litters are to come this fall, a red one and  a black & tan.  But it still is early days and i can continue my summer hollidays which is pretty damn good thing...


Griffon Club Open Show 30.07.

First thing in the morning 23.07. at 09.00 griffons in the ring. Lovely, it cannot be late and i can leave home streight away after judging.  And if needed can come back for groups later aternoon.  Well, we were ready after 20 minutes and just when i was about to leave a lady came wanting an antidoping test to be done for my BOB male. First time happeing for me.
Thought we would be ready by no time but it appeared to be an urine example, taken from the male. I knew it was mission impossible. But rules are rules. And it started raining. There in rain between  long crass she went with a tiny cup on the other end of a long stick after my male who was wondering what the hell is going on. Two times he made a try of lifting his leg and the lady managed to get 2 drops into the cup.  And that was all. After 4 times of trying, waiting ― hours between each try she finally let us to go. And it was raining all the time.
After all this nonsence, it made me thinking we are living year 2016 and people go to the moon but STILL no better and more easier ways to get these kind of tests made. Small breeds, long crass, rain,  strange person with a cup on the other end of  long stic, who the fuck would even think to get 20 ml urine from a male?? Perhaps first thing in the morning!  A blood test would definitely be EASIER AND QUICKER! I spent two extra hours at the show area for nothing! Being more than wet and so-oo angry...
Went home to change dry clothers and dry the poor dog...
Griffons shows last weekend were +10 & -10.  Saturday show was the most sunny day you could imagine, my griffons did well and gained all we can hope. The other day Sunday was a disaster, either raining hard or even  harder. Griffs and people wet as ever. Few brakes had to be taken and sit in the cars but after the "hurricanes" show went on during the "normal" very hard rain. Was about to leave home many times, besides my wonded knee caused me extra troubles.  All my yeasterday griffs who did so well didnīt get hardly anything except the poor puppy girl (again BOB) & Rita who made 2-bitch (fourth on Sat.)
All dogs had to be kept in the car all the time plus one isolated for her best days of heat! Finally at home it took 2 days for my car to DRY ready for vacuuming... Enough show glamor for that weekend.
Thanks God i was wise enough never entering tripple shows of KUOPIO this weekend!


Too much rain - some of my summer flowers caput! Just when i had bought a certain type to plant everywhere. They have been very beautifull every summer. But - only in pots on the walls. Well now placed on the open area and with all this rain it became clear it was a very bad choice. And now thereīs not much one can do about it.
And just when i had recovered from the flat tyre last weekend this tuesday morning we found ourselves without toilet pan. Yes. A friend was called and at first it seemed to be "just nothing serious" but it became clear very soon we have a bigger case to handle. And just what i figured it ended up to be impossible to fix anymore, water kept rippling on the floor. After couple of hours we had a new pan on the back seat and after another two hours it was installed while the old one still stands outside our front door. Maybe i put a tag there "for visitors only". Have to get ridd of it. By the way itīs good to have a handy man in the neighborhood.
Shows last weekend were more like celebrations. All went fine both days and Eric even managed to jump on Group-4 level. Got extra prizes and toys and dog food to take home. Plus lots of tickets to buy what i want for dogs. Not bad. Besides what could be more useless for a long time breeder than to win lots of trophies again and again. With money tickets one can get something usefull for dogs, if not "things" at least you can buy food. 

MONDAY 19.07.

Eila & Sisu                       Anneli & Wäinö                     Long Kiss Goodnight

At home safe and sound Sunday afternoon. 500 kms from Kokkola International. Me and Mum had a couple of days rest while House Master struggled here with the Griffon  Gang. Nice to have a break from all routines and watch quite different sceenery than  ours. Huge fields ending up into horizon and much lighter than living  here in the bushes. 
We went to see  places near sea side where mum used to live, where i used to go on hollidays when being a school girl. Only one house left willy nilly and all surroundings looking more like after war. Not so enjoyable to watch but had to do it anyways.
But the see air was wonderful, summer on itīs bests and now weīve seen it and thereīs no need to go again.
Some friends we met and had a nice lunch with strawberries, thank you girls Wacklin! Met one of my youngest puppies with Eila & Anneli plus their 10 year old "Wäinö", a gentleman who knows everything and now is Numero Uno in his family. The "Puppy Boy Sisu" only runs and jumps and is everywhere he shouldnīt be. But what can you say - he is LOVELY!
Whole trip was a succes. Except that my sun classes broke down,  back wheel broke 70 kms before Kokkola and we spent 1 1/5 hours in the service station, we had to change hotelroom because of horrible noice outside till 04 in the morning,  other griffon put her tails down in the ring! But the other girl i had entered went to BOB. We can call this trip still worth doing, right?
Sunday evening i realized how wonderfull my own bed is. Not to mention my  mothersī who is almost 90...
Just waiting for a visitor to be mated after what i shall put my feet streight up on the soffa!

SUNDAY 19.06.

Third day RAINING. I know thatīs what i wanted for some big plants of ours but  enough is enough. Pelargoniums  donīt like it so much. Marigolds are in their big garden pots outside. And some "ready summer flowers" are bought.
House is so-ooo empty after 6 months puppy show. Never ever again, enough is enough. And the last puppy who left almost 10 weeks old i still keep searching. If she is with the others or where. No extra meals, no extra cleanings, no extra enything. What a releaf. But same time kind of empty.
Having lots of time for concentrating something else than puppies iīve made my dreams come true. Having new wooden fences on the front yard and lawnmower with electric start, which is more than blessing for a woman. Think, no twitching nor adjusting. And i now have our yards looking more like yards for human beings. Down on the lower yard it took  5 hours - including two coffee brakes - to get it all cut.
What comes to fences the "former" Housemaster with an other poor darling fellow made them ready with a week. There were 22 ready 2 meterīs elements to put up, some holes to bore, cement and lots of cursing. But itīs now there and looking more than good. Pity it wasnīt there while all the trafic here, people coming for puppies. 
And it wouldnīt be here  today - havenīt i told on the phone i have ordered  elements which will be here soon. Boys didnīt have any choice than pack their things and drive here. If i learnt something during years:  for men you have to put things ready  on the table leaving no choise for anything else. 
One mating has been done (outsiders) and one womb removed. One more bitch withouth any heats. One animal checked for eyes & knees.
Estonian Winner Show at the beginning of June gave us 3 Winners: Huvikummun Musta Rakastaja BOB (now living in Russia) & Huvikumpupilvi BOS and Rita also BOS.  For the gang at homefront i bought 4 kg chicken feet plus1 kg trotters. They now have lots ot tit bits to gnaw while iīm at shows. Mum gets a long well with these creatures but even better if they have something to do.
Midsummmer being the next event,  lazy days and just doing what i want. That i call a perfect event. Donīt you think so?! Have a nice MIDSUMMER!!!


A month has gone and itīs nearly summer. Leaves are big already and i can see how they grow day after another. Still havenīt my marigolds in pots in green house. They have promised some cold nights and rains.  The 13 th Friday it is. Mother just broke one of our big main sunshade... Hard to find another...
Our puppies has gone and born so house is still full of small paws going out and in. Jade whelped 05.04. and it wasnīt any "averige" litter  - no way - but a litter of seven puppies (3+4) and they all survived. Even the smalles one 118 grams to whom i didnīt have any high hopes. Today at 5 weeks old she is the most allert to wave her tail all the time. As if she would say "look at me i didnīt die anyways"! She will make herself a sweetest ever living little griffon for anyone wanting an allert kind of pet.
Show opening was made in Estonia. H Herosī Remarkable made himself an INT CH.   Not that he needed anything from Estonia but it was the first show to enter and try the last CACIB for his title.. My Rita "Hayworth" didnīt like being in the ring (nearly half year since the last) and didnīt show her tail. Critics was one of the bests, but tail... And same thing with my junior belge at his first show ever, no tail...  Have to blame myself. I just donīt have time for practice them both.
Tampere international, second show, my best griffons didnīt manage. And H Herosī Remarkable was considered bad coated "he needs trimming" as the judge said and he didnīt like Ritas coat either (???). Most strange thing iīve ever heard from a judge. While showing well trimmed griffons at their bests, real RED ROUGHS textured coats! Same time i saw  highly placed bruxellois with only soft undercoats without any reddish.  Bruxellois as you know are ROUGH coated breed with RED color.
Third show Janakkala with complete different judgeing.  Besides Herosī Remarkable took GROUP-2.
Restless Feet pups are long gone, one ended up to Poland and i just had to keep one girl, a copy of her motherīs same age. Liza went home, pups find their homes, one in Czech and another in Finland. One good looking guy still waits for his home. From Jadeīs litter 3 smooths are already booked. Seems people today are very short minded - smooths are selling the best and no one thinks about roughs though they are much cleaner to have in house, no shedding at all.
And what is the matter with people anyways. Am recieving e-males how "we have waited and thought 2-3 years and now decided to take a griffon and we see that you have what weīve been after" and they come here to see puppies. Oh they are so interested and overwhelmed and are sitting on my floor 2 hours and then they have to go home and still think it over....?! What, another 2 years?! Makes me think they donīt have any other place to go with their children (no tickets to buy) so why not go and see puppies.  Some folks go to car shops kicking tires - iīve been told...
Itīs been nice to have all the gang including all pups outside. Pups are enjoying and running up and dow and when they start getting tired and their heads bend down i carry them inside to sleep.  Usually they sleep 2-3 hours. Meanwhile i can concentrate to other things, such as cleaning & washing, garden work, shopping...
At this point of my life - no problems with spare time. Vice versa.

SUNDAY 03.04.

Long time no see! Have been living weeks after another with nothig else to do than work, work and work. Puppies here and there plus the gang needing their usual coat preparings. Plus some roughs iīve bred and me being their usual trimmer.
Restless Feet pups now already 5 weeks.  Black Liza also whelped her 3 boys (08.03.) and they now are 3 weeks old. All pups eat well and the 3 weeks old did their record with extra food being so busy eaters i seldom see. From the first food they where like never had any food though Liza has her milk bar available all the time. I today have 8 puppies and they ALL EAT FROM SAME PLATE! Amazing.
Sunny days have been easy for the youngest puppies to learn how to be outside. And they seem to enjoy. The older creatures already walk and run all over the yard. And i made their first photos on the hill running there between all the growth.
Weīve had visitors and more visitors. And the gang is now allert as ever listening all the cars far away.  And after this whole circus is long gone it will take long time for them to calm down and start living normal life. If that ever will be.
No shows till now . One have to get out of this house some day. I scheduled myself for working whole winter concentrating for puppies only. Better times are coming and
they are not so far away anymore.
As usual my computer went for some check ups & to update Windows 10.  Timing was bad, as usual, having litters i  the house.  Could it be possible machine is so clever, knows when i should need it the most and takes a brake? That wasnīt the first time. Now home page was again left with old details and there was nothing i could do.  Thanks God my lovely phone - without it i never could have managed. Got this machine home on Friday and it took few hours to struggle in all my updates. You  know how Windows 10 is. On the other hand i thought it would have been even worse to handle. Now there are lots of qualities i already like a lot! And probably after a while i donīt even remember that older system anymore. Life goes on.


SUNDAY 06.03.

Restless Feet Pups 1 week old

Warm days hard to think itīs winter though. Lots of free exercise for griffs and nothing for me to do - no more snow.
My blackies went and they have setled down extremely well in their new loving homes. As said before both families were "old" griffon owners both having several red griffs from our house earlier. Itīs new and refressing experience to have different color for a change. It most certainly gives a fresh picture. One of the owners said she was amazed how clever this little girl was, 7 weeks old. Having 2 griffons which lived their long lives this new creature still succeeds to surprise her family. This girl knows ALL. And knew how to wait under the kitchen disk to get tit bits as soon as she came into the house. Well, maybe i had something to do with that, put the blame on me.
Anyways am so happy to know things are on the right side in both families. Good luck for the future.
By the way  same time with Restless Feet having her puppies the black boy were picked up. Owner had to cooke their coffee themself me being on the floor taking out the first puppy of Restless Feet. They left with speed and i took care the rest of whelping, total of 6 puppies. One being the smallest ever 78 gr. Ofcourse she didnīt survive though continual handfeeding was done. Still happy for these 5 survivers, they have eyes at 9 days period. Hard to think they are over week old now. Itīs like yesterday they were born. Two weeks and iīll be on my knees again teaching them to eat FOOD. Good that itīs after 2 weeks. More spare time left.
Not sleeping at all the next day (me being like one from a zombi movie) was time for the black girl to go. She also went with speed and i could concentrate for the new litter. It took me 4 days to realize the smallest one had come to an end of her life. Sad but unavoidable.
Black Liza has been here since las Sunday. Still safe and sound and fat.  Still eating at least something. She feels home every time being here. Just comes in with the others, jumps on the soffa and starts bossing. Lovely girl.
Also a visitors from Danmark during this week. Beautifull red smooth was mated and we now cross our fingers to get good news at the time being. The owner spent 2 half hours in our garage - me stripping legs (2 griffons), one front plus one undercoat shaved. Now we are back in business again. Next dogs and next strippings next weekend...
By the way folks, have you seen  birds are flying one after another - love is in the air and spring just about to come. Yipee!

TUESDAY 23.02.

What a winter - only few times working with snow and not hard degrees except  two weeks or so. Mostly itīs been raining wet snow if not at all. Usually Nurmijärvi is one of the most snowy places but this winter no. Good for me.
Itīs been fun to watch these two blackies running around this house, inside and outside. They are with the gang 24-7. Only short naps between. Nights are silent till about 6 in the morning when i can hear them causing some disorder amongst the  gang. But it stops after a while.  Thanks God. Today these creatures are 7 weeks. They both leave this weekend and i have to say again - how lucky i am to have homes for them where already is a griffon or have been earlier. Old "customers" so to speak. So safe to give a small puppy to their hands and no need to keep any lections while leaving.
Still silent on the whelping front, have to pick up Liza this week, havenīt seen her since her mating here. She always likes to be here and shows "iīm back"  the minute she puts her paws on the ground.
Some strippings done,  enormous works with comb
and usual nailcuts (pups). Nearly whole gang of mine with their fully winter coats. It would be easy if stripped for winter but - well is their clothing (whole gang!) less easier? No. And personally i donīt like the idea of dogs having spring-summer-winter-celebration cloths and hats. Real stupid.
Kind of strange staying home every weekends bearing in mind i havenīt done it earlier. But itīs also a big releaf  not having forced to gather up all show staff every Saturday or Friday evenings. And sit in the car at early hours. On the other hand i wait for the first show with enthusiasm. A bit rarely - more fun to go.
But before that lots of water have to run under the bridge.

FRIDAY 05.02.

Long time no see! The whole year sift  till the end of January have been under lots of changes, removals and contracts sacking old ones and making new ones, giving new addresses here and there, new arrangements inside the house and also in the garage which was the biggest change of the century (isnīt there no limit what a MAN can gather himself). Puppies born and puppies gone. And more pups born elsewhere. And to all this, ofcourse internet said goodbye for few weeks, concerning our area. Yes, and also Sonera had 2 days cut, no phone connections at all. But we survived. Mostly thanks to my new  Lumia mobile, the wise guy.
But not so bad without any good news and that is a big releaf  - only reasonable snow work to keep our place easy to come in and out. Let it be as it is.
Heilaīs puppies went with speed to their new countries where they were welcomed more than happily. Both are lucky to have playmates of their own in their new homes. Which is all a breeder can hope for. As i have said before it is always sad to give the first puppy knowing he or she doesnīt have anybody to play with. Okey, understandable when the first dog is bought it takes few times to have the other one. But still the change is huge leaving the litter mates and moving into new home where only humans are available. And no one can ever compensate another animal - dog as it is in our case. Thanks God most people decide to have another one guite soon. But miracles do happen. Thereīs been several cases where people have taken 2 pups same time instead of the usual one.
At this point am "nursing" two charming blackies the girl being still available at the age of 4 weeks. Father Jessygaff boy is the proud sire of them.  And Olga, the great mystery, finally managed to be a mother!
Next litter will be Restless Feet after few weeks. And then an exciting one with Liza Schwarz together with the b/t first timer - the Siperian animal - Boris. Till then i have all the time in the world to do things I LIKE.  For starters struggled my exercise bike into my new bedroom and wiped all the dust off.  Iīm in no condition at the moment, 3 kms went willy nilly...

TUESDAY 12.01.

Hello new year! After months of rain and dirty landscape snow finally hit us. Very welcome. Clean dogs, clean soft beds and clean home. The wet nearly killded me. But now itīs long forgotten.
First puppies were born 5.12. & second ones 5.01. Funny how they choosed the  same day to pop out. Danke Schön is at her last weeks. And thereīs more to come later on.
Even elswhere griffon pups have been born, our boys were busy "working" about 2 months ago. Ymmi & Madam Charmikas had wonderful litters. Elina will have hers at any day now on the west coast.
I cratulate all those mums and hope for the best for those still unborn.
The 5 weeks old puppies were thrilled at their first real snowy day. Had to carry them inside and let them continue their playing on the warm floor. They have developed nicely and eat like theyīve allways done it. But i can remember their first "we-eat-ourselves" rehearsals - like a bad dream!
My new year started with complete new life. Me & my mun live together now. House Master and mum changed homes so to speak and iīm the Master now. As far this life has settled down more than fine and everybody is happy.  I saw this coming for few years as well as the future care of my mum but it took time to make the final movements for all 3 of us. Not that weīve burnt briges between us, vise versa, some help will be needed here and he will be the helping hands.
Now we "girls" can do what we want,  same goes with House Master.  
Working here today with snow first time this winter but only soft snow and not heavy at all but there was a lot of it. And they say thereīs more to come. But itīs good for the body and soul strugling outside and having coffee afterwards made by mum.
Itīs been so busy with all this, moving in and out a nd 2 litters that it was only today i realized it must be the 2 time ever i didnīt enter Turku International in January.  So much else to do and donīt have to count days with my next litter due to  same time with Turku! What a releaf!