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Not so much to tell, already pushed the xmas button in my mind. Traditional xmas trip to Stockholm was made last weekend, me and my friend. Three xmas miracles were seen: at show we got nothing and the navigator brought us to ABC service station the address given straight home, though. Maybe she ralized we needed it. The third wasnīt any miracle but traditional yes,The Stockholm Syndrome - horrible flu started on Monday!

"We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year..."

TUESDAY 12.12.

It's snowing a lot! Soo-o beautiful. But - it's said not to last forever.  Better enjoy as long as one can.
House is silent and living "normal" what ever that means. Anyways no puppies, no heats, our shows finished.  And new table coming in tomorrow. We'll see how "rough" it is. I hoped for no more  than wine glass to stand up! Must be tested. The sooner the better!
A healthy litter has born sired by Boris. Good for him. Ours will be next month. Thanks Good for that, there' s still time to do something reasonable enstead.   Nefore that all xmas arrangements waiting to be done next week. Xmas cards are on their way, ham, salmon etc. in freezer, xmas lights already on but still lots left to be done. Which i do not hate at all. Bearing in mind all the xmas food we have in Finland it gives you nothing but good feelings while making them.  And best part - to eat it! Christmas time is so lovely don't you think. 
After about 2 very hectic weeks: double shows at Tampere  (well done),  manicure & pedicure, hairs, concert in churc, some vaccinations, trimmings, independence day's  dinner at restaurant, triple shows at Helsinki  (3 Winner titles) - it is more than refreshing to look out of the window and see the landskape. Beautiful white and silent!  (Did you know silence has it's own voice?)  Wish it could last forever.


5 heatbitches in the house. Nice. Just love it. Boys are living their noses on the gate. It doesn't matter how long they are outside, they just run round the house though there are larger areas wating for them. Having mated one bitch and soon the other one -  two of the boys has had their "moments" so to speak. Having studs  & bitches  in the same house, well not so glamorous but there' s some good points however.
It' s also bit complicated having heatbitches out of the country.  Picking them (owners) up form harbour, airports, hotels. Keeping in  mind the big gang of mine waiting home while i'm on the route. Just like show trips. If i go to meet the owner to hotel twice it means have to drive 4 times up and down, about 40-45 kms each. Bearing in mind the owner coming to Finland, vet costs, boat or flight, hotels, food,  the mating, plus my driving services (not much but anyways) it makes big money as a  total. And still, nothing is sure, one just hopes the timing was OK and the whelping will be OK and more than 1-2 puppies... It takes a real enthusiastic to keep going, breeding and all. I know this myself, too.

Puppies are just about to move.  Easy bunch of a black couple. Though the weathers are what they are they still go out with the gang every time  running as fast as they can with their small tiny legs.  But the countdown already started...
After puppies has gone i start concentrating for the last INT shows we have and then - bang - christmas i here. Wellcome Santa, the hollidays will be well earned!


Had to write this soon before it's all gone: today first snow ever after summer. Wonderfull! More light, no dirty paws and looking so nice for a change. The Gang    were a bit surprised while rushing out after good night sleeps. And the usual barking stopped as their paws hit the snow. Amazing! All was normal after few seconds. No first timers to see their first snow.  It has started to  be wet  and this lovely state will probably be gone by the evening. I recon.
Double shows at Jyväskylä, this year month earlier than usual, went fine. Also with good weather. Compared to earlier years on November. Which always ment driving back home in darkness & miserable weathers. Not this time, almost sunny instead and no wet snow on routes. Besides not so much driving any more, only few biggest shows on the year sift.
Pups are in their little fenced area for a week. Extra feeding has stared. Both have new loving homes waiting. Life has normalized so to speak. After day or two i take them out for one minute, to see the world. And if i know anything they run there after one week!
My dear mother having her 89-celebrations on Friday. Dinner at restaurant and afterwards cace & coffee & 10 red roses here with us.  May God give her many years still with health. And for us too. None of us is getting younger!

mum & me 2016

TUESDAY 10.10.

Like father like son.

Wet, wet, wet! And again wet. Warm but no feeling  going out. Nor the dogs. Hoping for  minus degrees, much better for everybody.  Marigold seeds still waiting for me to pick them up, impossible till they dry a bit. Many other plants still BLOOMING under the rain. Not that  they were looking nice anymore.
September went with few shows - Finland - Tallinn - Riga. All with good results except Riga. We went there with my friend.  Car full of griffs all coats and colors total of 8. Only ONE managed to get himself a Latvian Champion (Boris). Wors result ever. Never seen a judge who likes ONLY youngsters and not fully matured bodies. Usually it is vice versa. We all have heard the common comments: "should have more this and that..."  But not this lady. With all  respect first time for me to see that sort of judging. But we all have our own ideas of how an animal should look.
Heila got her CACIB at Estonia.
Double shows at Tuulos:  H. Heros' Remarkable  BOB & BOS.
Puppies of Rita &  Pilvi left us and moved new homes. Two days and all gone. Having said this hundred times before i say it again: house is EMTY!
Olga made her litter a bit earlier than expected. Two other litters of hers we born normaly. But not this, ofcourse there had to be one dead puppy FIRST on doorsteps and ofcourse a caesarien were needed. Two living b/tans as a result. For some reason or another it took almost a week for them to learn how to suck. Meaning i had to handfeed them days and nights. Now only the other puppy needs a bit help. Last night i did it only once. After a week job  needless to say - i'm exhausted.  My face looks like drunken sailor's. Hard to get rid of it, even with make up...
Hoping for better times.


3 darlings passed away in short time: Tatjushka (left), Rubiini and Martti in front.

Long time no see!
A lot has happend. Good and bad.  Starting with the bad ones. Yesterdday i lost my two old griffs.  Martti, H Remarkable Red, my one and only boy after Black Flash. He would have been 15 early next February. Tatjushka, Stail Aikemuno Ibiza only 10 years. Her tumor didnīt get smaller. Had to force myself and let them both go same time.  Decission couldnīt be any harder. They now sleep in their home yard - soft  & warm. After crying from eight in the morning till 8 in the evening i now want only to sleep and forget.
Martti was my "dream come true" a boy after his famous dad "Viljo" Barnfall Black Flash. Mum being the English bred Gaystock griffon better know as "Mäkinen", sharp as a pencil and never missed anything it there was something to see.  Martti was a great dog in every scale. Remarkable sire, great showman, super leader of the gang. He also was a tracking dog, found many "runners" at the time being. Martti left show rings from the very top: winning griffon specialty 2012  BIS - 9,5 years  - under breed specialist  Dirk  Spruyt, 65 exhibitors. No better show stopper?!
Viljo, Martti and Mertsi, 3 generation of this male line are known to love puppies in the house and they all gathered always around them on the flood. Now there is only Mertsi to do that. Though he has Jessygaff Black Guinea "Ylermi" to keep company. Itīs not in his genes bt Ylermi copied it.
Tatjushka - mother of my 4 year old H Mafian Heila - was a girl with good humour,  never failed at shows always tails up. And she never left her puppy Heila alone. She nursed her daily for 4 years  which i have never seen another dam to do.   Heila now is a motherless child. Thanks God her dad Mafiosso is still alive.
Candles on the graves gives light in all the darknes. Thank you Martti & Tatjushka for all you gave.
25.07. Rubiini (H Red Ruby) moved into heavenly landscapes. She was the last  in that  "einstein" bitchline broducing nothing but genius bitches. Rubiini being 5. generation of that line of the most intelligent griffs i ever met. Used to say - give them a pencil and rubber and they do crosswords. Rubiini had to leave us at the age of 13. She was the last daughter of Martti in the house.
The loss of these three griffon persons left a huge empty place in the house and amongst the gang. We all try to adjust to it.
Estonia show gave Heila her EE CH-title, thank you Tatjushka. Mertsi, son of Martti has done good job and winning also Toy Dogs Specialty BOB under our allrounder Rainer Vuorinen. Whom i personally feel very humled of.
Some trees were cut and ofcourse i again had some ideas what to do with that empty place on the yard.  Digging the ground gave us beautiful rocky scenery. And if you cannot get rid of stumps one have to figure out something else. Which i did. And that you can see from the photo. House Master worked with fallen woods, i did the art work. As usual.
Puppies were born but not so many and they all seem to have new homes starting from 2 weeks age. Many pups are wanted out of the country but knowing the new rules most every country needs rabies at 12 weks age + 21 days waiting. No way i keep any youngsters for so long. For many reasons. Hope they find what they want. I know there are kennels which export any countries and keep extra pups as long as needed. Itīs also public knowledge not many breeders keep their animals FREE everywhere. Easy to have extra dogs in cages or closed rooms...
Good i have these 3 puppies. I find myself something positive every time i am on the floor with them seing their development and first tries to play with each others. And the one brux puppy girl H Heros' Rita Hayworth, sired by Mertsi has Martti as grand sire! Am sure he is still watching and nursing these all pups on the floor as he was used to.

Art for every home.


 A new way into bushes covers all the pain!

A bit cloudy and a bit of rains which are more than well come. This summer has been a good summer with reasonable weathers. And reasonable amounts of rains. Who needs +28 degrees, all days long and for weeks without any rains? You ask me - itīs horrible. All the plants plus the whole nature suffering hot dry weeks. Dogs suffering. People suffering. Cannīt do anything in the sun, just walk on the sides of the house. And continual watering but plants only stay alive willy nilly. Rainy day every 3. day. And all would be perfect!
I thank good for this summer. Itīs been so easy-living. And all plants looking better than ever. By the way, allways wondered what are those people doing who all the time hope for  super hot weathers? Maybe they sit on the terace under a sunshade fiddling their mobiles? Pretty sure they cannīt do anything reasonanble.    
Right now itīs cloudy and we intend to do some gardening. Old big bush has to be removed for a younger one.
Some shows for my griffs and some of the days have been real hot at the show areas. Still the first thing you hear while entering the areas: "dogs removed from cars right away". This continues every weekend, every year. Still nothing happends. Same "professionals" do this again and again. Some punishment?!
Another horrible thing is show tents. Or should i say the owners. It seems there is no law for them to do what they want. Last Helsinki show (Tuomarinkartano) and Hyvinkää were crowded with tents placed so near rings others couldnīt go in.  They had to go elsewhere, far from their own ring with their cages and boxes. You cannot run through the rings during judging, behind the tents you cannot see anything but  have to quess when itīs your time to go in. There should be someone checking how people place their tents. There are certain places marked for them but - no one has time to check them out. The first one  places her tent so near the ropes are inside the ring  the other monkeys doing the same. There you are. Itīs  a jungle. You cannīt stay front of them, you cannīt go through them.
Have e-mailed an organizer about this matter. It remains to be seen if anything will be done in the future.
Anyways, i enter summer shows but am having second thoughts. 
Still early days for litters but both girls have turned to be very lazy and love to lie down on the soffa. Good signs?
My right shoulder still fighting against me doing any trimmings nor lifting stones!  Afterwards couple of painkillers needed. Ok, itīs much better but not fully recovered. Maybe another shot needed? Last "gardening" including lots of stone work but the result comes further the pain!


MONDAY 26.06.

Our midsummer weekend - gone with the wind - and life gets normal again. No more fussing with food, how to make it outside, where to eat it during rains. Which we had a lot. And it still continues. Short "drops" then sunny and drops again. Dogs in and out and....
Funny how life goes packwords sometime. Having used 5 years an electric barbecue had to buy a cheap "old fassion one". With carbon. All massive advertising during the whole spring and summer - on TV -  shows fire flames with carbon barbecue with lovely beefstakes and sousages made on it. And it sure looks good making your mouth watered. What can you do? Just buy one. 
Two litters expected middle of August. One mom first timer. Also some pups are hopefully on their way somewhere else.
Rauma all breeds made my youngest boy "Boris" FI CH at minimum time and the best part being a specialist judge from Belgium (Dirk Spuyt). BOB also for Eric. "Wellcome for groups" was his comments. He himself taking  group 9. Unfortunatelly i didnīt have any chance staying there (256 kms from us!) all day, left home 07.30 judging being early forenoon and groups planned to start 17.00. We all know they never start as promised and group 9 always the last. So it was goodbye Rauma. I felt ashamed running away.
Estonian Winner Show-17 in the beginning of June was a succes. Entered only 2 mine, Eric & Boris. Both gained their full titles plus BOBs. And Boris also gaining his Estonian Ch.
At Kotka Int both boys entered again and again specialist judge (Steven Seymour). Boris BOB, old boy Eric (and hi is not getting any younger!) - 2. best male after a "youngster".
Vaccinations for some griffs and strippings finnished with few. And my shoulder not yeat well. But much better though. Thanks for 2 shots given 2 weeks ago. Seems to be working.  


Seems spring finally hit us. But i still havenīt got the nerve buying all summer flowers. Too complicated moving them in and out again. And as a result of easter, me moving heavy pots in and out, i got my shoulder  to a condition i hardly can do anything with it. Besides the start for it happened earlier when i was stripping 2 dogs on a tabel outsisede, placed too high. The easter pots didnīt help at all. Already got one shot and painkillers. Itīs better but not good. Should to take it easy rather full rest with it for a good time. Guestion is, how? Not possible here i say. Am trying to be left handed and do the easiest.
Lots of work done outside,  marigolds in big pots  and this time stright outside. One major work less compared to earlier: first small pots and into a greenhouse.   Lots of violets bought.  they donīt mind little cold. New area made for evergreens, low pine twigs & similar, House-Master re-built our vegetable bed plus have done a great job with all works heavy as hell...  Good to have a man in the house again, though there is two sides with it however. After Mom now lives in a senior-house it was time for him to move in again. Mom is happy where she is, is controlled, has daily meals in a separate house in same yard, we can see her weekly (only 3 kms from us) plus pick her here and do shoppings with her. Hope this period of good time lasts long.
Only two shows since our Specialty. And i still have my youngest under training. What ever happend to her i probalby never find out. But the truth is she now is afraid people. I hope time will help...
Taking about our Specialty, i was asked if i could be judging our Open Show this year. Ofcourse i was honoured but had to say no. Too much work, sitting, standing, bending up and down, going through tens of dogs.  Hell of a job. And whatīs worst - one cannot enter with own dogs. All this i told them. And hope they find someone else. And why not, they always do. Some years ago i judged Swedish Griffon Specialty. It was hot as ever and lots of griffons. In the plane back home i felt empty as a used lemon. Couldnīt even think a creature named dog.
Easy living - no heats no puppies. Guess i just take the most of it as long as i can.
Have a nice Thursday with is our Ascension Day.



Griffon Specialty Winners 2017

Cannīt believe - itīs snowing.  And very windy. Have been moving my daffodils and violets in and out since the day of Easter. I finally put them in a wheelbarrow. Much easier to move them in and out. Not much for any fun considering my flowers have mostly been inside in a garage! But am not going to move them anymore, they die if itīs ment to. Cannīt do it anymore. Please forgive me!
Olgaīs pups went to their new homes. And Heilaīs only one will move after a week or so. She runs here free amongst the others and goes where the gang goes. She is a very easy puppy with her own mind though. It will be very strange after she goes. Having had puppies  since October the house will be VERY silent endeed.
Some shows, travelling here and there. Even to Estonia. Where my youngest Bette Davis Eyes gained her first titles, both Junior Winner & Winner. Since then sheīs been without her tail and needs a proper work to be done to get her spirit back. Hard to tell why but after her fine puppy results last fall with great showing itīs mystery why she now behaves as she does. Thereīs been nothing reasonable reasons to cause this behavior. Except winter months at home. Hope the summer training will help. Sheīs too good bitch to stay home.
Griffon Specialty 23.04. didnīt gather much griffons. Could it be timing? Or place?
We had a splendid day anyhow. All points with BELGE: BOB & BOS. Iīm specially proud of my Siberian boy "Boris" who won the breed being the youngest in male class against the champions. Still, he is not ready bodied yet. Huvikumpupilvi again gaining her BOS. My Bruxellois were best male-2 & best bitch-2.  Not so bad either.
You cannot have it all all the time....
Just got another griffon ready stripped and he went home to his playmate to show his new "naked hair style". The earlier was done on Tuesday.
All pups made by the help of our boys have already been born and the oldest ones month old.  As far this no puppy planes here. 
Our First May soon and looking out of the window i see itīs still snowing. Poor daffodils and violets. Please do survive!
Anyways HAVE A NICE FIRST MAY no matter what weather!


Huvikummun Heros' Black Silk

And just as i was having my coffees outside the "winter" hit back. Well not a winter winter but much cooler days and -degrees at nights and mornings. For dogs OK, not wet with paws and coats. For pups OK too, but recently it's been snowing again and today RAINING so no idea to let puppies go out and wet themselves!
My friend telling me her tulips are blooming in the southern Sweden and i have only these yellow daffodils blooming on my kitchen table where my frend put them while visiting here. Nothing blooming outside.
Olga's puppies and this Only The Lonely - Barbara Ann - Heila' s sweatheart are all free now. Amazing they know their own boxes to go in when wanting to sleep. Barbara Ann this little darling also knows her own place. Sometimes they take a nap in their soft beds and every time they have company. Mostly males are interested to sleep with pups and they all enjoy. Lovely to watch this drama.
Had to go and practice with some of my younger stock. I have good youngsters in the house but somehow they all doesn' t feel comfortable in the rings and sometimes are having a tendence of putting tails down. Wonder why 'cause they all started with tails up in the puppy rings! Could it be they have too much freedom? Or kind of development process. But still, i'm not a person putting them living i cages just to make them show better in the rings. Which i know is widely used but not acceptable. And i could NEVER do it.
And talking about the tails. The qualities are elswhere. A good griffon doesn't turn worse no matter where the tail is pointing. Construction & overall looks, coat texture, head and expression makes a griffon. Not the tail if it' s pointing one or two a clock. Hard to accept judging where a griffon of bad quality wins the other one of super quality just because the better griffon doesn' t have her tails up. If there is 2 griffons of equal qualities then you can start counting details. And how can a rough coated griffon have exellent without any coat at all? A million dollar guestion. That i had to witness last weekend at Riga.
Puppies have born, here and there. And i'm happy for their owners as well as for my capable boys. One litter still to come and we cross here our fingers for them!

MONDAY 13.03.

The first sentries already placed...

Sunny days during which i've tried to be out as much as possible. Some days we have hard show meaning dogs and even me have been able to walk on it without sinking down. And that' s the nicest thing for dogs. They really run with highest speed and i can tell you - they do. We have a triangel here: Boris, Mertsi and Bette Davis who run like wild animals or should i say wild and free!
Olga whelped right after my last blog giving me the second whole b/t litter ever. Unfortunatelly one of those didnīt survive but the rest of the gang (3) is doing real fine. And they all have their new homes waiting already.
Heila is a big ? though ultra said yes but maybe only one. She is not fat at all. Having her last days.
Olga's pups are now in their little fenced area in the dog room now enjoying grown up griffs gathering around them.
Barnfall Black Flash was the one who started this "gathering round the puppies" and his offsprings stil continue to do so. His son Martti & gson Mertsi are the firsts to lie down near the pups as they are with their mum, having milk after their extra food. Then comes Ylermi, not related but learnt from those two and now there' s another "self learnt"  boy - Boris the father of this litter. The boys are so silent and just corret their positions if someone ELSE tries to come near. OK i'm there also but still - amazing. Can you tell me another breed where males want to be near the pups and protect them? Nor any mun to allow this? I think it' s mainly caused by the way my griffons live here with us, never separated (except heats), eating together, going out and in together, everywhere together and - all ages from pups to 14 years as it is now. But this is not all. H Red Dreams - super mother in her times - has been a big help for me all these years. After smelling me cooking puppy gruel she has her aerials up. She follows me the minute i go to give it for puppies. She licks all their faces one after another not missing anyone. And she has cleaned up all faces of all puppies in this house ever!
My outside trimming table have been cleaned from snow and it took 2 days to dry. Lovely, now i can do my trimmings there if the Weather Man says yes. That will be a big realeaf. No need for hoovering inside. As if i wouldn't do it everyday anyways which is normal. Stripped hairs are not inclued in "normal".
Rita has started her bird watching sessions so it must be SPRING i recon. And so it seems looking out. ThinK i have a cup of coffee outside because of SPRING!

H Red Dreams Super Mother of all puppies.


Mega Star
Seems like spring, smell and color plus only few -degrees and  snow just covering earth. Very slipery for humans and animals. Mostly i close my eyes not to see them rushing out.
Olga is at her lasts and can whelp at any day. Heila also had an ultrasound proving her pregnancy. But itīs still early days. Weīll have busy days ahead when they both are in their puppy boxes. All the things needed are OK with a high heap of towels  in the first cardboard box (for Olga) in my bedroom. Funny to watch other bitches going there and doing their check ups whatīs in the box. Specially those having puppies earlier are so-ooo interested. They do remember you see.
Before the Camp Work starts here  i had a chance to pop in the new boat  Megastar to Estonia. Nice Mega boat, nice cafee & atmosphere but more labyrinths, some chairs awful, less food, no place to return empty plates... wonder how it will work in
the summer time, boat FULL.
Megastar took me to Tallinn and "Huvikummun Rita Goes Tallinn" went to BOB gaining her CAC with EE CH 11.02. Her earlier CAC  in Estonian Winner Show -16 was gained too early, under 2 years of age. Now we solved this problem. A week earlier H Rita Goes Hollywood had her FI Ch  title in Finland. H Heila was also entered Tallinn - 12.02. but went to 2. bitch though being "winner" as they told me from the ringside including an English judge who came to talk with me later on. Hearing all this made me feel more like a winner... "Boris" went to 2. belge male and that was ok. Heīs not ready yet and needs still lots of body on his shoulders. And it doesnīt help a bit knowing our house still has some heat bitches. Not a secret boys donīt eat.
Mum shall move into a senior home shortly. The year living with her have been a big adventure. Ups and downs. Mostly caused by some lack of her memory. Thanks God i had her here, many trips to health centre plus one bad falling down causing weeks of staying in the hospital. But am happy sheīs been with me whole last year and not after two years which might have been - maybe - too late. But her new home is 2 kms from me so more than easy to wisit her at any day. I cross my fingers all goes smoothly.
And same goes with my two girls, may their Guardian Angels be with them, too!


Scene viewed from our Healt Centre. Red evening sky.

Kind of rainig today, nothing you can see but you just feel it on your face thereīs something coming down. If it continues it doesnīt take long snow disappears. To be honest donīt want to do snow works and as long the ground is hard with ice and a bit snowy iīm happy - dogs stay clean. But on the other hand i also know some plants will die again. Due to less snow every year not to cover them  on winter time.
Since last i have been mostly organizing things - as i mentioned earlier. I find myself sitting with computer and making reservatios for numbers of things. Not just enterings but vet checks, vaccinations, ultra sounds, trips with hotels, buying dog food, reservation for patellars, to  my dentist and motherīs, even bought from net some new carpets...
On Monday last week i drove mum  to  health centre and took her back on Wednesday. On Friday she again was there and still is, after falling down  badly. Have been seing her every day. Thanks God it's very near and thanks God she didnīt brake her bones. Tomorrow i go and make her hair with rollers. Hope the doctor doesnīt pop in same time! Men usually are where they are not needed.
This week 3 bitches have been mated of which one is mine. Others have visited hear every second day each. And in the mean time have visited my mums. Plus have met the social worker concerning maybe new arrangements of whoīs living with whom...
Next Monday we shall have a peep on the vets if my Olga has puppies or not.
At the moment one heat bitch in the house but quite silent. Boys running out as much as possible - it sure takes their breaths away. While writing this i hear snooring.
Have a nice weekend where ever you are!

MONDAY 09.01.

A new year and at last only few -degrees. The earlier - 23 being nothing but horrible for over a week. Not much practis for dogs outside, 4 heat bitches in the house and boys waiting on the other side of the gate.  Today only 2 "dangerous" girls and hopefully no more coming up.
This new year started as bad as the earlier ended, this time - too early - it was Hillaīs turn. It just came out of nowhere. Her eye causing big broblems after a tiny accient which appeared after two weeks medication  to be much bigger than we first thought. Removing of the whole eye would have been the only solution but the pain being far too hard we couldnīt even think about waiting to have a surgery time during hollidays. It was best for our little girl what we decided, to stop all the pain...
She left a huge empty space and just after Liebeīs death our house now is real empty.
So much we did with them during years. Both were remarkable show girls and they even gave much pleasure with their offsprings, specially Hilla. Which iīm more than grateful of. Thank you both Liebe & Hilla for being mine for many years. And thank you Hilla's breeder Veikko for letting me have this wonderful Kolopetäjän Hilla Huvikumpu.
Hillaīs litter sister Kolopetäjän Kielo still goes strong and Liebeīs big brother Huvikummun Heros' s Simon Says just had his birthday of 17 years!!! My sincere gratulations goes for him!!
During last weeks i have trimmed all the oldies but goldies (machine) and the gang looks very nice and clean. The others are in  their midles of strippings or just waiting  to start later on.
Two girls will hopefully have their litters during few months but till then i can do what i want, mostly organizing the future plans, cleaning my computer (lots of photos long gone from sites) etc....  Also nice to be out with dogs, so some snow work or what ever.
Better enjoy as long as one can. Have a nice January!