and see 
griffons are our heart & soul

Welcome to our Gang!
Photo David Dalton

We live in Finland in a small country village Nurmijärvi.
  35 km north from Helsinki Airport and 45 km
from the
 Harbour of Helsinki.
Down the motorway E 12.

Our passion & HOBBY IS GRIFFONS - since 1967.
selective breeding with healthy stock.
Eija Koskelin is a free member of Finnish Kennel Club
a Honorary Member of Finnish Griffon Club
a member of Finnish Toy Club Association.

Photo David Dalton

Welcome to have a closer look!
Photo Timo Korvola

Welcome to see
how we live here at kennel Huvikummun.
It could not be more


Our Huvikumpu griffons
live free in our house as family pets.
They are always with us and love to be a part
of us, in and outside the house. Whatever we are doing
planting, raking, choping firewoods, digging up potatoes,
burning brushwoods, working with the snow. They
have lots of stimulating activities outside
while running and playing
all days long.

Keeping on eye.





I can see all!Photo David Dalton

  Coming home.
Photo Jan-Vidar Bakker

  And our
gang, consisting
of griffons of different age, takes
care of itself - by strenghtening the safety of
this bunch of dogs. Neither do the youngest members
feel themselves unprotected.
And that is one of the
main reasons we always keep our
Oldies & Goldies! To make a balance
to teach the youngsters how to respect
others in their organization
for the best of their

In the sunny afternoon.


Without these Aunties & Uncles,
great grandfathers and grandmothers
this lively crowd of Huvikumpu griffons would
soon be under the most horrible disorder. We have
to thank these oldies for all they have
given to us. And they still do. As
being authorities and
 baby sitters.

   Griffons of kennel
Huvikummun are never left alone for
hours. Neither do they nor pups live in cages, boxes
or in toilet in any circumstances. Except at
shows our griffs are in cages 
BIG enough.
And never in plastic boxes.


Ylermi. Who, me?
Mafiosso. Don´t shout i´m here.
Photo Timo Korvola

 Another place to see all.

Our Huvikumpu griffons are allways
kept tidied and cleaned. Same goes with
our home - the house where we live with griffons. 
Which is clean inside & outside. Our outside areas
are kept clean & tided. Our griffons do not smell bad.
Neither do our home or outside areas. We do not
give our pups to live in any worse
and most certainly
  not to be kennelized.


A combination of a clean dog and clean bed.


This piece of land
of ours is made of different
shapes of all types of landscapes which
our big gang of Huvikumpu
griffons finds most 
enjoyable to
run free.


Waiting for the bus.
King of the hill.
Living in moats. 

Meeting for Blacks Only. 
Photo Timo Korvola

   But no matter
how many acres you have 
  the grass always seems to be
greener on the other side. That is why forest trips
are eagerly waited for. Huvikumpu family
goes bananas while running there.
Sniffing all the new things.
Footprints of hares,
foxes, elgs,

Lost footprints.
Don´t say you´re tired.

Did you see, there´s something!

Resting on the warm bricks.

We have large areas
of grass, rocks, bushes, even
plenty of
wide open brick yards to play on.
And small hills. But mostly
it is the
ups and downs keeping 
Huvikumpu gang running
free and happy.

Back yard.

Hi big sister,give it to me.
Photo Timo Korvola

Griffons are fast.
And they love to have their
own adventures. To play Hide & Seek
or how to be a little Apache in the bushes.

Catch me if you can!
Photo Timo Korvola

Photo Timo Korvola

Photo Timo Korvola

Speaking of pedigrees you often hear the words "runs in
the family" but in our case you can say "the family
runs". Our griffons at kennel Huvikummun
are used to have lots of outside
excercise by themselves.
Starting from early
puppy hood.


minds in sound bodies!
Huvikumpu griffons
are very 
alert starting from their early puppyhood
and they have a long happy life. Many live up
to 14-15 years!  So muscular strenght is highly valuated
and it is needed more than ever with the old age.
That can only be earned by continual
free outside exercise on their
own terms and will.



  Don´t follow me.

Photo Timo Korvola


  What do i see when i look
at a healthy Huvikumpu griffon?

  I see an alert sturdy little dog who just
popped out from the forest, shaking his coat,
smelling good as Mother Earth and
  looking at me eyes wide
open - what

What next?
Photo Timo Korvola

Another observer.

No, siis seuraavaks, mitä?Photo David Dalton

Sneaking around.

We love winter too.

Free runs are a "MUST"  number one!!


Photo Jouni Heikkinen

You´ve got the whole world waiting for you.
Photo Timo Korvola

We have Huvikumpu puppies
sometimes available
. But we are very
careful where to give our pups. Each year even more.

do not give them into homes or kennels where adults and     litters are kept in cages. To homes or kennels known to be dirty.
Or kennels with many other breeds. We also think
that very big breeds are not reasonable
company for toys. Nor do we want our
griffs spending their days all alone
waiting someone to come home.
If you have long days at
work, many other
hobbies outside
home, where
do you need
 a dog







our griffon kennel
you cannot make a reservation for a

  puppy by E-mail. Personal contact is another
"MUST"  before
we can decide whether we let the puppy
go or not. Nor do we
 expect any decent person wanting to take
a puppy without seing the breeder, kennel, puppies and
Your alarm clock should be ringing if the breeder
WANTS to BRING the puppy to you. No matter how
big "kennel person" he or se might be.

Exporting a puppy
we do lots of check-ups having a list

of guestions for the new owner candidate.
Having some references helps. Please do tell about yourself
how you live, where, flat or house, other animals....
To come and pick up the puppy is the
best way.There´s always a "no"
for cargo trips too 
long and Asian
Today import rules have changed a lot
meaning most of the countries want rabies shot
given at 12 weeks after which one has to wait 21 days
until importing the puppy. That means puppy will be at least 15 weeks before moving new home. Ours move at 7-8 weeks old. Which is the best age for a puppy who still is very open
 for new things and has not yet settled into her birth
 home yet. That is why we say NO and do not
want to keep our pups here for ages.
Please do check your import rules!
And if there would be any other
way importing, maybe via some
other country first or by
boat or train...


Photo Jouni Heikkinen

Loving homes we do want.

Photo Timo Korvola

Just one week old.

 One week old. 

Photo Timo Korvola

For the new owner we
give a full baggage of different
dryfoods used here plus some toys
reminding of home. And for the best of the puppy,
the most important thing, a large Huvikumpu guiding
 book (written by us) of "How To Rise & Feed & Trim
The New Member Of Your Family". Only Finnish.
Feeding & trimming in English. Huvikumpu
guiding book is widely used by
other breeders too.

It´s amazing world.

Our long experience
with griffons - since 1967 - is always
  available for the new owners. Having bred
 over 180 champion griffons and continually, succesfully,
showing the results of our own Huvikumpu breeding - not just imported stock - we consider us to have the capability and
experience needed for a succesful breeding work and
"Know How". We hope the owners of
Huvikumpu griffons
will keep  in
touch with us in any kind
of guestions what
so ever.

One of the toys is breathing.
Long live the black and tans!

The 7 wonders of the world.
What is this doing here?

Huvikumpu puppies

here are kept same way as adults.
Considering weathers of course. All the areas
for dogs are with floor heating. Puppies are spending
 3 weeks in the nest nursed by their mother, after that
1 week in a fenced area in dogroom after which
they are all free in their room. At 3 weeks
of age they are taken out for a short periods.
Even in winter time when we start
to carry them out for half a
minute at first increasing
the time little
by little.

At the age of 4-5

weaks they run out themselves
with older griffons. In summer time
also Huvikumpu puppies are out all days long in our
  big fenced yard with some grown ups if we
are too busy watching them. But they
love to run in all kinds of new
places and that we allow
them to do under our
own eyes. As
mutch as
we can.

Ain´t no mountain high enough.

Photo Timo Korvola

Mother And Child Reunion.
Photo Timo Korvola

7-weeks old Huvikumpu pups
are mostly house-clean and used to go out for
their needs, even in winter. A new owner can manage
    well with pups raised in our house, close contact with people & other griffons and being used to normal
living and noises. Not afraid of anything but
are lovely little Busy Bodies. No wonder
people love to have one. A free
spirit who wants to be
everywhere with

Something to eat?

I got you.

Drink like this, my boy!

Trusting the Weather Man!

Your future pup?
Photo Timo Korvola


Letting people to come here and look their future pup
we want to give an example of how they should be
treated and kept.
On the other hand what
would be more rewarding for a breeder
than be able to give such an 
intelligent & trusting

 Huvikumpu puppy to
a new owner, with
all these good 

Don´t let her up!
Photo Timo Korvola

Try harder, we´re almost over!


Having three hobbies.

There is  a lot you can do 
with your 
Huvikumpu griffon. That is

  if you want to DO something with them except just LOVE them.Which is the most important thing anyhow. Griffons are clever, very eager to please you. They learn easily
all tricks.
 But they also have very long memory.
You treat them badly,
they hardly forget.
 A griffon is
always ready to please you,
go with you. They love to swim.
And they love to travel in
your car if teached
young enough.
Huvikumpu griffons
are also seen on the
trials of agility and obedience. 

Light in the other end.
And here we go!

Over the barriers.

Look Mum, i can do it!
Agility is what i love! My this boy rest in peace.
Many Huvikumpu griffons
are trained show dogs. But - it does not
  matter - if you´re not interested in doing anything
special with
your griffon. He or she loves you anyways. And
they can make
 just lovely pets themselves. Feeling
great just to be near you,
 walk with you, sleep in
your bed. Huvikumpu griffon is happy
 if you
are. And if your griffon feels being a
member of your
 family and is
loved by you and your
family!  Simple
as that.


After a Hard Day´s Show.

To show or not - we´re happy if you do.

We do not demand you to show your Huvikumpu
griffon or to have some special hobby with him or
her but we are happy
 of course if you do.
Your griffon doesn´t suffer though he
never saw a show. But he does
if you treat him badly.

I love my Gang!!
Photo Jan-Vidar Bakker

However - the most important thing for
them and us is - 
that he or she is mutch loved
and taken good care of.
That´s what
Huvikumpu griffons
are for.
And all griffons and

  animals - if you
ask us!

  If you think you have the same ideology with us 
and you are
interested in having a
"Pet For A Life Time"
 you are
welcome to wait for your
special pup!


We are special!

Huvikumpu puppies sometimes available