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TUESDAY 12.03.

Bette & Luke had puppies 02.03.

Sun shines again, every second day. Spring tries to put her feet down but due to several minus degrees at nights she doesn't  manage so well. But it's in the air however. No doubt of it.

Bette had her litter with Luke, 5 lovely lively pups. Only one boy. Which will be a disappointment for some people waiting for them. Bette is a very easy and quick whelper and all were done within 4 hours. Besides, she gave her birth midle of the day. Not weekend night! Today it also seems two of the girls would be SMOOTHS, yes, tell me about it but still cannot give my head against it! So it seems however.
Now on their second weeks of existence they have given me time concentrating to do something else than watching them on the side of their gardboard box!
And i find myself standing by the trimming table, day after day. Oldies & Goldies and show gang. Leggs, bodies, heads... Every day some parts, dog by dog.
Rita, the International Mum still in one piece. But keeping in mind she also is a very quick and easy whelper she can start her labours at any time. She is not so big herself nor her belly, 2-3 pups i recon. Excitement coming up! Hold your fingers...

SUNDAY 17.02.

International Mother - soon to be!

Sunny Sunday! Snow "mountains" getting lower and lower. Due to that it's deadly slippery everywhere. Have to watch carefully where to put your feet on. Anyways it's sunny and - do i smell spring - yes i do.
Greatings from Baltic countries. Janyary Lithuania (Kaunas) 2 shows, February Latvia (Valmiera) one show. Both trips were manufactured mostly for Luke The Junior but Rita was fighting her last CACIB for INT tittle at Kaunas which she did! And two times! End of story. Now this little champion will soon be a mother. Bless her.
What comes to Luke he's been a super youngster winning all the merits available. Only Estonia JCAC left to make him BALTICJ CH. Thanks for his super temperament. Hope he'll stay like that. So wild. Never seen anyone running outside and jumping over 2-3 other griffs together, still speeding. Amazing.
Both my girls, Rita & Bette Davis seem very pregnant, Luke will have his first outcomes (with Bette), cann't wait to see.
Little creatures have born elsewhere and there's still one to come. Hope she will manage well.
Having a break now, no travelling anywhere, concentrating for births to come
and obligatory trimmings. And depending weathers - face against sun. Have to charge batteries!

MONDAY 14.01.

Xmas over, new year over and life normalizing. Yippee. Couldnīt be happier. Year shift nearly took my breath away. Too hectic. But at least christmas "menu" was one of the kind. And i really had it all written as in Menu!  Next year it will be the very simple meals with no extra this or that....
As usual here 5 bitches put their heats for hollidays. Dog meals were served in two diffrent rooms. 
New year started with 4 different matings, mine and others. Also 2 litters manufactured by ours were born just before x-mas. And thereīs more to come. It seems we are going to have busy times for griffons.  
Winter have not been too hard for us only reasonale if i may say so. Snow enough to be called "winter". Living gets lighter every day after dark fall and xmas time. A huge improvement. 
Today being the FIRST all-together-day after this long lasting period, also big improvement.
Yesterday one show after long time, "Mertsi" took it all. Felt good to be away from home 4 hours for a change. Drive on daylight both ways.
HouseMaster have been baby-sitting  plus fixing things in need.
A good lightening to finish this: "If a man says he will fix it, he will. There's no need to remind him about it every 6 month"!