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Have spent all my time working with pups, today 3 different ages ! Not that the oldest  (Bette's) puppies have all sold but still 3 of them runs in our house everywhere, using three different doors to go out and in. Enough freedom, don' t you think? One puppy i left home, one waiting to be ready for Russian transport and the third just about to leave.  Must be amazing to have some peace, some day in here. Older puppies wake up in the dogroom 6 in the morning and i hardly can stay in bed till 7.  All out. Clean the dogroom, change waters.  All in. Feed all pups,  adults and 2 mothers.  Check their puppy nests are clean.  Weight all 4 newborns. And then, guess what - i can have my breakfast! After which starts the usual "normal" cleaning - vacuum and mopping. At this point i usually let the whole gang - big and small - out again.
These 1 week old Heila' s puppies (1+2) on the other hand - just as Rita' s only puppy -  has caused any harm what so ever. Easy born, easy eating,  huge weight crow every day. They have not caused me any extra work this time which can be real hard on it's  worsts as we all know.  And what a luck Heila  whelped one b/t puppy.  Thank you Heila! There could easily be smooths in her litter, but  as far this  cann't tell more.
These will be all Huvikumpu litters in this season. Winter can be sacrifised easily for this kind of work, summer is no-zone.  Puppy plans will be taken under  consideration for nex fall later on summer.
No shows no nothing this winter. Not that there would have been much to offer. Nor any intress to enter, bed has been my friend during this Camp Work.  Very little of any activities during long cold winter months. But have to admit my mind is getting brighter, found myself already changing kitchen curtains and carpets during few sunny days. That's how it usually starts. Spring fewer and there's Easter coming. Already thinking  about tens of daffodils.  Life continues so to speak though i thought the oppisote. Well done Mrs. Koskelin anyhow!

TUESDAY 06.02.

4 weeks today

Time has WINGS cann't realize it is February.  And nice winter weathers. As if we didn't have wet and rain enough earlier. Now it's beautifull and lighter outside. Hope this will last for this month.
My time 24-7 has spent with this big (6) litter of Bette' s. Have been holding the dam lying on her back to let all the pups suck from both sides. Makes me wonder how i have managed earlier when my super dam Unelma (H Red Dreams) had 5-7-7-7-6 puppies at his time. Me being younger though. To day we both are older.  And Unelma (12 years) is my helping hand. She licks all the food from puppies' face. While i'm feeding them one by one. Hate to think the time when Unelma no more exists. No other bitch has done that work. Big troubles waiting for me. Same as my last lost, H Remarkable Red "Martti" who worked all his life searching run aways, youngsters in the forest.
Today pups were out first time 30 seconds only. They hardly realized where they were but took some steps anyhow. But day after day they get used to outside world. By the time they are 7 weeks they already love to run and jump in the snow. What a relief for a new owner to have a puppy used to be out! Besides today their world got wider at home too. No fenced area anymore. Except for nights they will have a smaller part isolated from their room to give adults a peacefull night.
All pups turned out to be roughs. My Bette Davis has been a mum of 11 points  doing nothing wrong and having lots of energy plus patience. Love you Bette Davis!
A break from all shows has done nothing but good for me. And looking the numbers of exhibitors in our breeds seems like others having breaks too. Spring will put things on balance again i recon.
House Master making smoked salmon outside while it' s gently snowing. It' s going to be a supper yamy-yamy. Not forgetting Wine The White! Just to celebrate the fourth week of  puppies and them having their first steps outside plus big own room to play! Yippee!


Heavy snowing and heavy cargo landing  Finland with two darlings "Pyry" and "Lumi" - giant pandas - mowing here. And what could have been better weather for them considering their names Flurry Of Snow & Snow.
This whole week we got SNOW SNOW at last. Can say winter finaly is here. Hopefully to stay. It snows and heavily. So-oo beautiful scenery outside. And what a thrill - today during all this flurry of snow Finland finally got those 2 giant pandas so long waited for. Watching all the morning TV live prodcasting i spent many tissues just watchin the whole operation. Tens of people organizing tens of things at airport  concerning smooth landing and further transportation of these two darlings. Just couldn' t avoid tears watching all this caring and loving and importance of  being involved with all this work.
Couldn' t avoid of thinking same experiences i've had at the airport while waiting my imports to land. So many times i stood by the window at the airport and waited the plane to land. Finally it did, cargos from CAN, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland.  Sweden & Russia came by boat and cars. My tears while all those loving dogs of mine were on my laps cannot be measured. And they all ( 23) had happy landings, happy endings, happy free life time with us. Some of them still do.
Watching two pandas in same situation made my mind so happy but same time a bit concerned of whether it was a right thing to do? Can they be happy here and for how long till they will moved again?
While i'm writing this they are on the route for several hours till they get "home".
I hope they have happy panda-life at Ähtäri Natural Park!
My first timer bitch whelped a litter of 6 a week ago. It was good news and bad news. Bad mostly that there is 2 pups not learning to suck properly the other one even worse.  Strange, just cannot put their tonques down for sucking. Amazing how hard these tiny animals can push it agains their palates. Am sure many breeders have experienced this, also me but not so long lasting.
Have  handfed them days and nights till now. And still do.
One bitch was checked to be empty, did some arrangements to cover that. Let' s see how she will manage. Till then i just concentrate to these 6 creatures.