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MONDAY 14.01.

Xmas over, new year over and life normalizing. Yippee. Couldn´t be happier. Year shift nearly took my breath away. Too hectic. But at least christmas "menu" was one of the kind. And i really had it all written as in Menu!  Next year it will be the very simple meals with no extra this or that....
As usual here 5 bitches put their heats for hollidays. Dog meals were served in two diffrent rooms. 
New year started with 4 different matings, mine and others. Also 2 litters manufactured by ours were born just before x-mas. And there´s more to come. It seems we are going to have busy times for griffons.  
Winter have not been too hard for us only reasonale if i may say so. Snow enough to be called "winter". Living gets lighter every day after dark fall and xmas time. A huge improvement. 
Today being the FIRST all-together-day after this long lasting period, also big improvement.
Yesterday one show after long time, "Mertsi" took it all. Felt good to be away from home 4 hours for a change. Drive on daylight both ways.
HouseMaster have been baby-sitting  plus fixing things in need.
A good lightening to finish this: "If a man says he will fix it, he will. There's no need to remind him about it every 6 month"!


TUESDAY 18.12.

Long time no see. And we got our snow, at last, so much waited for. What a thrill for griffs and they come in so clean for a change. My own spirit has made a come-back, one can feel the lost energy flowing into by bones. Thanks for all this white snow! Long time, weeks after weeks nothing but darkness & wet. Getting tired withouth doing anything remarkable. Wonder how they can manage in Lapland. I nearl  lost my mind down here. 

The month has gone with usual stuff. Trimming all those who regularly come here twice a year,
both October pups left at their time and as mentioned earlier both smooths. One womb remowed (Schöne), 5 matings (Finland & Sweden), vaccinations for some of mine, some ultra sounds telling my girls having no pups at all. Making some people very disapointed. That's my bad news at the end of this year. On the other hand this xmas can be enjoyed withouth any check-ups in pupppy box.  What a relief.

Both Jyväskylä shows were succesful (H Heros' Remarkable, H Red Jade, Walliants Eric The Red, veteran: both days BOB & BOS & BOB-Veteran.   Old Lady H Red Jade has shown her nails in all 3 shows she entered in the year sift: 3 x BOS the last being HeW-18. Jade will be 8 years on 07.01.-19. Oldies but goldies, what?

As mentioned no puppies at the moment, i'm having lots of time  organizing  other things, trimmings for next season, train two youngsters, making new puppy plans and consentrating for the 24.12. At the moment my life seems very calm and easy, working yesterday with snow was a thrill. Just hope this lovely white scenery lasts till christmas or rather till spring.



Still wet, wet, wet. Every day. Wonder if it  never stops.
Days have gone mainly with inside works, cleanings, windows, putting things in order in my closets, some trimmings and with puppies.  Though have to say, not so much to do with them, only 2 pups. They already have their homes ready. But i  had the most difficult times EVER trying to clear up  their coats, smooth or roughs. Never ever having it so hard. Usually people send ME their photos asking ME to tell what coats they are. And now with my OWN almost 5 weeks old puppies i couldn´t swear what they are.  So where am i  supposed to send MY photos? At last i realized they are BOTH smooths. But still, their paws are not as clean as usual with smooths... but faces sure are smooths!
These smoothies go out and in but have kept them away from rains. Mainly it hasn´t been raining only being wet which doesn't seem to bother them at all.
Luka had his "grand opening" at Lahti All Breeds Puppy Show.  He showed fine most of his time - as judge said: shows very well when he wants" - let himself being handled on the tabel and got his first Puppy BOB. What a thrill to show a puppy. You never know what might happen.
He sure is the smartest guy ever been here. It' s not a mirackle  one carries an empty flower pot but running high speed  with it all over the yard  looking through the small hole in the bottom, never bumping against anything! Amazing! And this continues daily... Last one to do this was Boris, but he was not running.
PikkuPirkko tries to follow Luka every where, do all after him.  They are two best friends and always together.

TUESDAY 16.10.

It' s been damp and moist, 80 % or more each day. Nothing ever gets dry. Leaves so stucked in the grass, useless even try raking them. Have to wait for cooler days. Wonder when they ever come?
Pilvi had 2 pups, yeppee! Boy & girl. Never went for another better ultra. Thought if they are there they probably want to come out too. Which they did. And another remarkable thing - they were born in the morning - not on weekend night. As usual.
Some other litters here till xmas.  Fall & winter are best "working times inside" for me. Summer - far too busy, besides show time.
It seems there will be new griffons  every where during few months. Many "girls" have visited here and every boy had his changes. All these and my own plus other griffon mums in Finland will grow our griffon population guite a lot. Hope they all will find their suitable homes at the time being.
Not so much happening here besides all "weddings" and one litter which hasn't bothered me at all. So good whelping, so healthy pups, no milk problems, have slept my nights as a baby. One show, peace of cake. My veterans, not showed anymore, are all in short nice coats made with machine. Small beards with tiny ears. Looking real nice and clean.

Have spent lots of time on the yard, preparing things for winter. I even planned to enter one match show using my spare time to train Luka. But it were cancelled.  Instead i vacuumed my car, washed it inside and outsside. Washed all the windows in our house, outside only, shall continue later. Picked up the rest of seeds. By the way, why a clean car ALWAYS seems to be very light to drive?? Am not the only one to say so.
Dentist will be tomorrow, have a nice week you too!


Luka covered.
September almost finished and it sure feels like it. Sunny & windy days then cooler with rains & winds. Garden  seems to be a shaddow of it's better days and is waiting for cleaning, all must be gathered away, pots restored.  But some flowers, poor darlings, still blooming though. Have to give them more time...
Our Specialty went - the results were just as many expected -  am not going to say anything else.   I'm happy of Eric' s second placement and even more reading his critics, best.  In finals he went BIS-1 Veteran.
Puppies moved with speed, during 3 days of last weekend. And must say again: house is EMPTY as can be and me, well am having so much spare time one could dream. And i now can do all i want, all days long. That' s amazing, considering 8 weeks puppy works and lots of it on my knees.

Pilvi, one of the brood bitches, was checked on September, probably not with puppies as planned. But she will be checked again later and with a better machine. It may have been  early times.  She is a bit swollen though and a strange bird..  Extra free months are most wellcome anyways.  Enstead my co-own bitch "Macy" mated and that litter (?) is far away in middle November.
I wait for my dentist, also a cortisone shot into my ass, sciatic nerve of mine didn' t like the puppy works at all and it may never get better here at "The Camp Work".
But, what can you do? Nothing else than your best.
Little "Luka" the new import is doing fine and is probably the most genious griffon boy one can think of. And Jesus, a wild animal. So allert but same time very obedient which is a strange combination, i recon. And the little creature, Pikku-Pirkko is his favorit "toy". This 8-weeks (just today!) old puppy girl gives me the strenght  i need.  A real "evening star" with 4 legs. Of which i'm very cratefull.

SUNDAY 02.09.

Baltian Winner-18 Estonia.

Enjoying cooler days and also rains. Yes. Rains. No need watering and cutting grass either. Always too wet. L.O.L. But you sleep as you live and now i watch grass  up to my ankles. 
Puppies were born  and they all are on the better side of their lives.  The older ones being 4 weeks  and younger litter 4 on yesterday. Time has gone more than quick. So much to do with them plus all other things in the house and outside. Have even said NO for some shows i had entered. Found it too strenuous plus felt myself exhausted. Besides very low  enterings. What' s the use competing against yourselves.
People coming here to see puppies has taken lot of time considering i have 8 pupies here. Only 2 of them are without home today.
Baltic Winner was held in Estonia this year and it was a "must" specially for the judge, Steven Seymour, who KNOWS griffons. No need to make them run extra circkles, triangels and ups and downs, each one, two together and again each one... As you see many judges to do thus giving them extra time to think about what to do.
Had entered Rita & Eric. Eric for veterans, 8,5 years. Steven has judged him  several times and always liked him: 28.08.2011 at his first  Griffon Specialty (17 months) he was BOS after my H Heros' Liebe (BOB). And this year 19.08. BLTVW-18. Also BOB. I was in the moon. Said to him that pity i didn´t dare to enter him chanpions, now he failled his "normal" BLTW which was given for the second male. Rules are a dog entered  vet class cannot be given CACIB and BLTW is tided up with CACIB. Rules, rules. Steven said that there are "absolutely nothing veteran in Eric"!  I guess i just had to have more faith for my griffs.
As it hasn't been enough, next weekend at Toy Dog Specialty Eric won  BOB-Veteran, BOB, BIS-3 Veteran.  And it was raining cats and dogs.  But Eric showed like a dream in that thundering weather. Two days after my car seat was still wet wet wet. But happy we were.
Now we wait for our Griffon Specialty under breeder/judge Alison  Price from Great Britain.


Sweden Piteå: one International Champin and one almost!

No i'm not dead. Yet. But almost. This HEAT is killing me. Have never ever sat on chairs so  much as now.  One just cannot do anything reasonamble during these degrees. Haven' t even write my Blog. Which i finally do now. Not so much to tell about. Been mostly sitting my bottoms down.
Watering has been more than needed though. Thanks good for our own water. Wonder for how long it will last.  Few times cutting crass has taken my breath away. Same as going shopping on Fridays. Parking areas are boinling hot.
This hobby of shows in these weathers is also most horrible i can think of. No matter how i try to make my own griffons feel well i know they will do better at home. At least 2 times daily have i thrown them into pools. After which they all feel cooler for next couple of hours. There' s only 2 griffs who swim themselves. Others i have "help" for a bit. But they come easy to me knowing into water they go and seems to enjoy it.
These few shows i've entered have given usual results, BOBs & BOSs. But it
doesn' t get you much pleasure when same time you have to hear how some idiots are keeping their dogs in CARS!  Again! And they are not any so called "pet owners" but professionals. Who' s dogs have to suffer weekend after another. Nothing helps there, threats, more threats, they know, these professionals, that it' s only words. And they keep doing it for years, summers. There should be more  dead dogs till something MIGHT happen.  Organizers and our own KC are not paying enough attension, not to mention our KC giving punishments.
Red somewhere that, was it in Netherlands, a show was cancelled and not organized any more i  future. Becaus dogs kept in cars. Also red one highly respected (!) JUDGE had left his dogs in car while going to judge in   Germany. 
Was in Sweden Piteå 2 weeks ago. What a LARGE OPEN GRASS AREA!  And folks walking there with their pets, like spending hollidays.   Calm and happy and everyone seemed to say hello to everybody. And not a single words from loudspeakers concerning dogs left in cars!
I pray every evening that these people torturing their dogs would get what they deserve.  And my suggestions cannot be said in daylight.
My two mums are doing fine and getting fatter. But i still can sit 2 weeks in all peace wondering what all i might be able to do if the weather wasn' t as it is.
This wasn't much of a Blog and mostly complaint. But had to say what i had to.

We are not showed anymore and are in the evening of our lives.


At last RAIN FOUND OUR SITE. Whole landscape turned out to yellow, continual watering weeks after weeks. Now after ONE day's rain all seems so fresh, smells good and the air is clean. For a change. But we need more rains, hope to get them. What ever "on-the sunny-beach-people" might say.

we moved ourselves from the others side of the house

There are 2 bitches mated and the whole July still spare time, what ever that might mean. All watering and not anything extra to do made me start my plans which had been growing in my brains since few last years. After we finally got our new furniture sofa & armchairs, after months of waiting (i never ever gonna buy anything from that chain store!) had to do some cleanings for living room.

Thing to do was geting rid of my big shelf loaded with hundreds of old trophies.  So sick to watch them. Mostly have kept them for those coming to see our puppies. But there' s still a lot to see and enough is enough. During last decades have not taken them unless nothing else to offer.  And in that case all have been used again mostly in children's day-care-center plus couple of Match Shows.  These from this self were shared between two of my friends, one organizing Childrens Olympics (!) and
the other one needed them for a  Match Show. Also a big bunch of rosets followed.

Got my fantacy come true, one had her shelf and two persons are loaded with trophies and rosets.  And i got "sitting" places for dogs.  Life couldn' t be better!
But that' s not all. Two of my  bigger cages found their new owners.  The giant model remainds me from erlier, having 6-7 griffons at a show same time. That will not happen again.  Prefer 2-3. What a relief.

armchairs for dogs

Now with all that empty space, livingroom  & garage, i can breath better. Yippee!
Order, order, said the old hag while cleaning the table with a cat!


It´s summer now and warmer than ever hoped for. Though just to day a bit cooler. But days after days sunny and hot, hot hot. Not +30 but almost. Who needs 26-28 degrees? Good if you can stand in the see - water up to your navel - but elswhere?? And you cannot do anything, at least not anything important outside. Like gardening, having new plants, trimming nor combing dogs. Barbeque is not any fun either in these degrees. One has to be in "shelter" all the time. Dogs have been dropped into pools to get cooler. And they sure love it and why not.  Somehow,  in afternoons in a shady spot i have manages to strip some dogs and shave some veterans.
Have washed all the carpets i own, even those taken from the floors. It was one of those hot-hot days and gues what, they all were dry in good time for evening. Today i took mother´s carpets under pressure mahcine. Shall return them tomorrow.
In these degrees have been also showing, nearly every weekend. Having 2 coolers for griffs inside the cage and ceiling plus one side of it covered against the sun.  Nice and reasonable circumstances for them. Not gasping at all. Which is not the case with many other dogs at the shows as i´ve seen. Poor darlings. 
"Where have all the griffons gone, long time passing" as they say in the song but with flowers. Really. Mostly only 1-3 griffons (brux & belge) of which 2 mine. Rather frustrating competing against yourself. But, titles are given for those in the rings! No one comes on your door steps to offer them.
House is filled with 3 heat bitches,  two of them shall have weddings, a double wedding actually. Puppies can  be expected not earlier than August. Two  months till that and lots of time to do something else.
My super machine, lawnmower, lost her wing caused by the broken nut.   Renovating needed.  About 2 weeks before they have NUTS for this type of lawnmower, they say. Can you understand there is not such a nut here in Finland but it has to be ordered elswhere. Could it be so complicated to enclude ONE nut in  the paggage when bying a machine like that (almost 700 €). The nut will be the FIRST thing to brake  or  GET LOST in the grass that´s for sure. Now we wait for 2 weeks, at least. Even plastic boxes for animals have an extra nut.  And ques what, grass doesn´t wait for it but GROWS!! Thanks God i have scissors. Am so angry.


MONDAY 23.04.

Easter with daffodils long gone and that part of this year wasn´t so "spring like" at all. Typical, you buy and get all easter flowers ready and then start struggling them inside for nights. At some point they got cold and finally put their heads down.  End of story.
Now i have 100 violets, all colors. As soon as i got them out in big pots we had some -degrees at night and some of them heads down. But they didn't die...
Yards have been washed  already twice with washer which is a good helper with cleaning all areas with plants, no need to rake. It' s my favorit machine!
People have visited here to see their puppies so long waited for and i have sent  them photos all weeks till now.  Pups have been out much, as much as possible and it makes me laugh every time to see them rushing out so fast i hardly could catch them if i had to. During sunny days they have eated and played on the other side of this house, on the large brick yard. And they all show a big interest towards anything growing up. Thanks God they are leaving these areas  before all plants! L.O.L.
3 pups of Heila and the one from Rita (Gilda) have manages well together. Though poor Gilda have been forced to watch out the others, their ambush. Gilda being only 4 days younger than  the other 3 but almost 2 weeks behind the usual development. The reason being she was the only puppy in the litter. As usual, they cause you extra worries. Milk 10 nipples, no other puppy fighting for those, no need to push and struggle with your hindleggs nor front leggs,  no need to even lift head, allways a nipple front of your nose.... They get too fat without any muscles meaning difficulties to lift the body nor get moving. But lucky me i wasn't a first timer. During 2 weeks she learnet to walk on rough carpet. Then started to walk near the other pups, learnet  to hold out against  those 3,  started running & jumping and now she bites my wool stockings hanging in them while i walk... Today i can say - Gilda is a rascal - same as the others. And usually the first to RUN out if i go to the door...
Pups are about to leave this weekend. It' s been hard since October but as usual i miss them already!
A minor trip to Estonia was done and both Tallinn Winners were taken, Boris & Jade. It was refreshing to stay one night elsewhere, not to do your bed nor breakfast nor dinner nor anything for dogs.
Last weekend horrible trip to Kankaanpää, show for toys. Two BOB's plus one of Heila' s offsprings (Huvikummun Kummisetä) having BOS. Good results but horrible place, cold hockey hall and 240 kms road of which the last 100 kms took more time than 200 kms on the motor way! It was a "first&last time trip" to Kankaanpää ever.
Next week First May, hoping a bit warmer weathers compared to day. Have  a nice week where ever you are!


Have spent all my time working with pups, today 3 different ages ! Not that the oldest  (Bette's) puppies have all sold but still 3 of them runs in our house everywhere, using three different doors to go out and in. Enough freedom, don' t you think? One puppy i left home, one waiting to be ready for Russian transport and the third just about to leave.  Must be amazing to have some peace, some day in here. Older puppies wake up in the dogroom 6 in the morning and i hardly can stay in bed till 7.  All out. Clean the dogroom, change waters.  All in. Feed all pups,  adults and 2 mothers.  Check their puppy nests are clean.  Weight all 4 newborns. And then, guess what - i can have my breakfast! After which starts the usual "normal" cleaning - vacuum and mopping. At this point i usually let the whole gang - big and small - out again.
These 1 week old Heila' s puppies (1+2) on the other hand - just as Rita' s only puppy -  has caused any harm what so ever. Easy born, easy eating,  huge weight crow every day. They have not caused me any extra work this time which can be real hard on it's  worsts as we all know.  And what a luck Heila  whelped one b/t puppy.  Thank you Heila! There could easily be smooths in her litter, but  as far this  cann't tell more.
These will be all Huvikumpu litters in this season. Winter can be sacrifised easily for this kind of work, summer is no-zone.  Puppy plans will be taken under  consideration for nex fall later on summer.
No shows no nothing this winter. Not that there would have been much to offer. Nor any intress to enter, bed has been my friend during this Camp Work.  Very little of any activities during long cold winter months. But have to admit my mind is getting brighter, found myself already changing kitchen curtains and carpets during few sunny days. That's how it usually starts. Spring fewer and there's Easter coming. Already thinking  about tens of daffodils.  Life continues so to speak though i thought the oppisote. Well done Mrs. Koskelin anyhow!

TUESDAY 06.02.

4 weeks today

Time has WINGS cann't realize it is February.  And nice winter weathers. As if we didn't have wet and rain enough earlier. Now it's beautifull and lighter outside. Hope this will last for this month.
My time 24-7 has spent with this big (6) litter of Bette' s. Have been holding the dam lying on her back to let all the pups suck from both sides. Makes me wonder how i have managed earlier when my super dam Unelma (H Red Dreams) had 5-7-7-7-6 puppies at his time. Me being younger though. To day we both are older.  And Unelma (12 years) is my helping hand. She licks all the food from puppies' face. While i'm feeding them one by one. Hate to think the time when Unelma no more exists. No other bitch has done that work. Big troubles waiting for me. Same as my last lost, H Remarkable Red "Martti" who worked all his life searching run aways, youngsters in the forest.
Today pups were out first time 30 seconds only. They hardly realized where they were but took some steps anyhow. But day after day they get used to outside world. By the time they are 7 weeks they already love to run and jump in the snow. What a relief for a new owner to have a puppy used to be out! Besides today their world got wider at home too. No fenced area anymore. Except for nights they will have a smaller part isolated from their room to give adults a peacefull night.
All pups turned out to be roughs. My Bette Davis has been a mum of 11 points  doing nothing wrong and having lots of energy plus patience. Love you Bette Davis!
A break from all shows has done nothing but good for me. And looking the numbers of exhibitors in our breeds seems like others having breaks too. Spring will put things on balance again i recon.
House Master making smoked salmon outside while it' s gently snowing. It' s going to be a supper yamy-yamy. Not forgetting Wine The White! Just to celebrate the fourth week of  puppies and them having their first steps outside plus big own room to play! Yippee!


Heavy snowing and heavy cargo landing  Finland with two darlings "Pyry" and "Lumi" - giant pandas - mowing here. And what could have been better weather for them considering their names Flurry Of Snow & Snow.
This whole week we got SNOW SNOW at last. Can say winter finaly is here. Hopefully to stay. It snows and heavily. So-oo beautiful scenery outside. And what a thrill - today during all this flurry of snow Finland finally got those 2 giant pandas so long waited for. Watching all the morning TV live prodcasting i spent many tissues just watchin the whole operation. Tens of people organizing tens of things at airport  concerning smooth landing and further transportation of these two darlings. Just couldn' t avoid tears watching all this caring and loving and importance of  being involved with all this work.
Couldn' t avoid of thinking same experiences i've had at the airport while waiting my imports to land. So many times i stood by the window at the airport and waited the plane to land. Finally it did, cargos from CAN, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland.  Sweden & Russia came by boat and cars. My tears while all those loving dogs of mine were on my laps cannot be measured. And they all ( 23) had happy landings, happy endings, happy free life time with us. Some of them still do.
Watching two pandas in same situation made my mind so happy but same time a bit concerned of whether it was a right thing to do? Can they be happy here and for how long till they will moved again?
While i'm writing this they are on the route for several hours till they get "home".
I hope they have happy panda-life at Ähtäri Natural Park!
My first timer bitch whelped a litter of 6 a week ago. It was good news and bad news. Bad mostly that there is 2 pups not learning to suck properly the other one even worse.  Strange, just cannot put their tonques down for sucking. Amazing how hard these tiny animals can push it agains their palates. Am sure many breeders have experienced this, also me but not so long lasting.
Have  handfed them days and nights till now. And still do.
One bitch was checked to be empty, did some arrangements to cover that. Let' s see how she will manage. Till then i just concentrate to these 6 creatures.